BetAdvisor Update 11/06/2014

If you want to see which football tipsters will be covering the World Cup then click here. Our tipsters are struggling a little this month and yesterday results were a reflection of that.  We’re down for the month overall which is unusual but there is still time for a natural recovery to take place and then we can finish in profit.  Even during a period of struggle like this there are still tipsters performing well and making their clients money.  Like anything in life, it comes down to making the right choice. We had 11 active tipsters yesterday and 6 of those finished in profit.  In regards to this update only two tipsters did enough to get a positive mention whilst 3 tipsters lost enough for us to point them out. Tennis tipster Marat Cranne was the biggest winner on the day.  His winnings of 163.2 units from 3 selections took him closer to a position of profit for the month though he isn’t quite there yet.  Marat is due to finish his probation period on the 20/06/2014. Andreas Kloft picked up 118.6 units yesterday.  He also placed 3 selections and the profit from yesterday did take him into profit for the month.  He hasn’t won enough yet to cover another month of subscription but after a rough couple of months this has to be looked at as forward progress. Matt Walker dropped 160 units yesterday but he remains in profit for the month.  If that is still true at the end of June then he will have put together profitable months back to back which would be very welcome. After a good Monday, Paul Bradbury dropped back a bit yesterday with a loss of 154 units but he is still in profit for his probation period and he’s had a couple of good wins today.  Paul is due to finish his probation period on the 18/06/2014. The only other tipster to lose enough to get a mention was Chris Tomas.  He dropped exactly 100 units  but then again, he only made 1 selection.

Bet of the Day The baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Houston Astros saw Leon Topolski pick up 146 units of profit from a 100 unit stake yesterday.  Backing Arizona -1.5 was clearly a good choice and helped Leon finish the day in profit.]]>