Most Disappointing MLB Postseason Performers

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With nearly the entire first round of the Major League Baseball postseason finished, the elite performers are beginning to separate themselves from the pack this October. Conversely, the more disappointing players in this year’s Major League Baseball postseason are also making themselves known. Here are the most disappointing MLB playoff performers so far.

David Price

Even though his team made it through to the American League Championship Series with a five game win over the Texas Rangers, David Price has been a massive letdown in this year’s Major League Baseball postseason, to the point that his team doesn’t seem to have much faith in him at all.

Price has made two appearances for the Toronto Blue Jays so far this postseason, and has managed to concede eight runs in ten innings of work, for an earned run average of over seven. Price has struggled to pitch well in the playoffs in the past, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon. In fact, he’s been so bad in the playoffs that the Blue Jays went with the younger Marcus Stroman in the decisive fifth game of their series with the Rangers, because they don’t trust him.

In the ALCS, Price will need to be on point against the defending American League champion Kansas City Royals, or Toronto will be in deep trouble against a team with championship experience, and Price’s legacy will continue to be headlined by his inability to perform well in big games.

Michael Wacha

Michael Wacha has been a hero in previous postseasons for the St. Louis Cardinals, but is one of the biggest reasons that they were eliminated in the Division Series this year despite winning 100 games in the regular season. Wacha allowed four runs in just over four innings of work in his one appearance against the Chicago Cubs.

And while the Cubs’ superlative offense is strong enough to give most pitchers trouble, an experienced pitcher like Wacha should have done better against a young Cubs team just getting its feet wet in the Major League Baseball postseason. Wacha will have until April to think about how he came up short this year.

David Wright

The New York Mets are driven by their great, young pitching staff, but their captain is David Wright. And, outside of one single against the Los Angeles Dodgers, that captain is not leading by example so far in the playoffs. Wright has one hit, a two run single, in 12 at bats in the Division Series. While that hit was important and helped bring the Mets a Game One win, he hasn’t done nearly enough to take advantage of his team’s great pitching.

Now the Mets and Dodgers will square off in a fifth and final game, with the winner taking on the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series. If David Wright doesn’t perform better than he has in the first four games of this series, it will be Los Angeles moving onto the next round of the Major League Baseball postseason.

By: Jason M. Sanin