Who Will Coach The Philadelphia Eagles Next?

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Who Will Coach The Philadelphia Eagles Next?

Over the two seasons prior to this one, the Philadelphia Eagles were among the best teams in the NFL, winning ten games in consecutive seasons under head coach Chip Kelly. But Kelly’s roster mismanagement destroyed the team’s ability to compete for a championship this season, as they will miss the NFL playoffs for the first time since he took over as coach. As a result, Chip Kelly has been fired by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Replacing Chip Kelly

The question now is the natural one, as the Philadelphia Eagles need to find a replacement for Chip Kelly. Philadelphia will want to move quickly in making a list of candidates that they are interested in, as they will not want to lose out on their top choices by not being completely prepared early in the offseason hiring window.

So who should be the person to replace the now former Eagles coach? There is an endless list of answers, some of which are more realistic than others. Here are three choices that would be good for both the prospective coach and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mike Pettine

Given just how poorly Pettine’s run with the Cleveland Browns went, it’s unlikely that the Philadelphia Eagles would give him a shot, but it’s not impossible given what the Eagles want out of their next head coach. Philadelphia is looking for a coach that will allow ownership to make personnel decisions rather than the head coach doing so. Pettine has clearly allowed that to happen in Cleveland, for better or worse, and it’d be interesting to see him work within a team that has some capable players.

Chuck Pagano

To say that Chuck Pagano and the Indianapolis Colts haven’t had a great relationship as of late would be an understatement, so it wouldn’t be too big a stretch to see him let go by his current club. If that were to happen, the Eagles would be smart to scoop him up, as someone will surely give Pagano another coaching job quickly given his successes in Indianapolis.

Adam Gase

Currently the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, Adam Gase is an interesting person to look at when looking for potential replacements for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia. The Eagles have built a team that needs to win with offense, so an offensive minded coach would make sense, and Gase is one of the best offensive coaches in the league as he has taken a limp Bears offense under Marc Trestman and made them a capable unit again this season.

The big question for the Philadelphia Eagles is how much of a splash they want to make with their coaching hire. They were very splashy when they hired Chip Kelly away from college football to be their man, and that was a spectacular failure when all was said and done. Whether they make a similar kind of risk this time or go with a more safe choice remains to be seen, but it is certain that this is a pivotal moment for the Philadelphia Eagles.


By: Jason M. Sanin