Yanislav Gyurov Affiliate Manager at UltraPlay

Yanislav Gyurov Affiliate Manager at UltraPlay on Tips for Affiliates

Today, Charles Herisson, CEO of BetAdvisor.com, interviewed Yanislav Gyurov Affiliate Manager at UltraPlay, and He shared his Tips to Build a Profitable Business as an Affiliate in the Gaming Industry.

1. Could you please tell us about UltraPlay?

UltraPlay is a modern technology company, founded in 2010, with the core ambition to offer an innovative approach to the online gaming industry by providing advanced betting solutions, focused on sports and eSports betting, live betting, white-label, online casino and blockchain technology. 

Assembled by a team of iGaming professionals with vast experience in betting product development, operations, eSports, and marketing, UltraPlay is a trusted partner for delivering superior sports software and odds products to its customers.

As part of their white-label portfolio, BUFF.bet offers the entire range for a world-class betting brand, including the widest selection of eSports and crypto options for wagering, as well as sports, thrilling slot games, live casino, and virtual sports. Its modern design complying with web UI/UX trends gives a premium players’ betting experience. Created with the mindset of a true eSports warrior, BUFF.bet is the perfect place for betting online using cryptocurrencies or fiat money. 

When it comes to BUFF.bet’s Affiliates, we are using the world’s leading affiliate platform, in order to fully embrace and monetize the sports, eSports, and casino traffic. We are actually giving them the chance to leverage the eSports betting sector, as now its volume and turnover are increasing by the second. 

2. What are the main geo(s) you generate the best results?

UltraPlay has partners from all over the globe, but as far as BUFF.bet is concerned, we are doing very well in Canada, Russia, DACH, and Scandinavian countries. We are working on maintaining our presence as one of the leading eSports operators in those regions and simultaneously expand to new markets. 

3. Tell us a bit about your background in affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry and how you got to be in your current role?

I started my journey back in 2014 as a content writer for an affiliate company. At first, I had zero knowledge about the iGaming industry. But I fell in love with it quickly, and after a couple of years as a content writer, an opportunity arose, and I had the chance to be involved more in the business development of the company. After five and a half years as an affiliate, I’ve decided to see the other side of the business, and I’m currently part of the affiliate management team of BUFF.bet. 

4. Is affiliate marketing profitable? How much money can make an affiliate working with you? Best case and some impressive results you have seen.

Yes, it is. It’s all about finding the right niche and following your business plan. During my time, I’ve seen some really impressive results, but unfortunately, I’m not able to share the exact numbers as the information is confidential. 

5. Is affiliate marketing easy?

It was back when the search engines were much easier to manipulate. But now, as far as the iGaming industry is concerned, I would say it’s getting more and more difficult. The niche is extremely competitive, and most of the big companies are holding the majority of the traffic. All of the smaller or new affiliates must work hard to get a piece of the pie. Their focus should be on creating quality content over quantity. 

6. What is the most profitable way to perform affiliate marketing nowadays?

If done right, SEO is still the best strategy to acquire customers; however, in this day and age, the video/live streaming and social content are prevalent. It’s worth looking into those channels as well. 

7. What are the Major Affiliate Marketing Tips to Build a Profitable Business

  • Be creative – Try to create engaging and valuable content for your visitors. 
  • Be patient – Building a quality product takes time. Don’t rush it and do your best to be a good competition for the big boys in the industry. 
  • Attend events – Networking and connecting with your partners is the best way to build trustworthy relationships.  
  • Be compliant – Do your research and make sure your content is compliant with the regulatory demands
  • Enjoy what you do – If you are doing affiliate marketing for a quick buck, it most likely won’t happen. It will take a while to see the fruits of your labor, so if you are not enjoying the process, why waste your time. 

8. How long does it take to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Months and maybe even years. Yes, with a bit of luck, you can have some short term profit. But if you want to build a sustainable business, you should dedicate a lot of time and effort into it. The affiliate marketing is extremely dynamic, and with one change in the algorithms, all of your work can be affected. Search engines can be tricky, and you should always be prepared to overcome any hurdles along the way to the top rankings.