Tropical Storm Ida and Cardinals-Saints Preseason Finale

The National Weather Service has forecasted the arrival of Tropical Storm Ida. It will come ashore as a big storm on Sunday evening on the northwestern Gulf Coast of the United States. The New Orleans Saints are presently slated to play the Arizona Cardinals in the final game for both teams on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. local time. As a result of this storm, the match may be postponed to a later date.

What Do the Teams Say About This?

In a message published by Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk on Thursday, the Saints acknowledged the game’s situation. They stated that Tropical Storm Ida is being monitored and would have more concrete information by Friday. Only then will the league and the teams be able to make the best plan feasible in regards to Saturday’s game. They’ve communicated with local officials, the Weather Service, National Security, and the National Football League.

For the Saints, the game is extremely important. Both Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill are lined up to play as the starting quarterback in the upcoming game. Head coach Sean Payton has yet to identify a starting center formally. According to Rod Walker of, Hill had the best overall day of the two during the last game. In the view of many onlookers, this occurred after Winston earned the place following a brilliant effort against the Philadelphia Eagles during the game on Monday evening.

At the very least, the league and both teams would eventually move the Cardinals-Saints match forward several hours on Saturday. This will allow the Cardinals to safely travel to Arizona before Ida becomes more than just a simple threat.

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What Has Happened So Far Between the Teams?

During the preseason, the Saints and Cardinals have met thirty times. The Cardinals swept the first three games in the tournament. This also includes the games played in the NFL Century division in 1968. The Saints defeated the Cardinals for the first time in 1969 at Busch Stadium.

In another historic game, the Saints defeated the Cardinals in the team’s final game at Tulane Stadium in 1974. In their most recent regular-season encounter, the Saints kept the Cardinals out of the goal line in a home win in 2019. The Saints are undefeated in preseason play, except for a playoff loss in 2018. The Saints will finish out a preseason against the Cardinals on Saturday, August 28. This is the plan so far. However, any updates regarding the tropical storm will further change the plans, and the teams will obey the changes to ensure the safety of team