How to Gain Most Out Of Betting Offers

In the UK, bookmakers have been running and managing betting shops since 1960. Nowadays, this is a highly competitive industry considering the high number of people who love betting, not forgetting the tons of bookmakers currently available. In this regard, the only way bookmakers can make profits to remain operating is by ensuring that they have a wide user base at any given time.

The most common strategies that bookmakers use to attract more betters are offering sign-up bonuses, promotions and discounts more at Luckily while this is a marketing strategy for the bookmakers, it is a chance for bettors to make more money through betting.

So how can you take advantage of the best betting offers to gain the most out of your betting experience? Keep reading to find out.

The best betting offers and how to make use of them

• Open account offer

Many bookmarkers grant their customers with open account offers in the form of betting credits. The most common figure here is £10. However, bookmakers such as bet365 offer credits of up to £100.

As a bettor, you should know that the opening account offers come with wagering requirements that must be followed. From the preferred method used to deposit the money to the minimum odds per game, you should follow every detail to qualify for the offers. Again, it is always advisable to remain on the betting site for a long time since some of the offers run for several days.

• Free bets

Free bets are the most common incentives that a bettor can enjoy on signing up to a betting site. Free bets may be of any amount and are similar for all new customers. Most bookmakers in the UK offer free bets, mainly ranging from £10-£100 to their customers. Although free bets apply to any sports market, there are restrictions too.

You, for example, need to deposit a certain amount to qualify for the free bets. Also, there are minimum odds and games that the free bets can apply on. Always make sure you follow these requirements to the letter if you are serious about benefiting from free bets. One mistake that most wagers make is assuming that free bets are not serious bets worth generating some money. You should, however, know that you can benefit from free bets if you take them as normal bets.

• Deposit bonuses

If you make your first deposit on joining many UK bookmakers, you qualify for a deposit bonus, which is a match up either equal to the deposit amount you make or a percentage of the total deposit. The good thing with deposit bonuses is that you can use relatively higher odds as the risk is lower.

One strategy that you can use to gain more from deposit bonuses is going for a sportsbook that offers more than 100% bonuses. This way, your deposit money can be easily doubled or tripled and this way, you can gain more from a small deposit.

• Enhanced odds
Bookmakers in the UK have moved a notch higher to introduce a better way of welcoming new customers. Instead of getting the sign-up credits, you can now enjoy enhanced odds but for a maximum bet.

Enhanced odds are only available for high-end events such as the champions league. This means that to access them, you need to be always on the lookout for the major events. With boosted odds, you have the advantage of staking low for elevated returns.

• VIP programs
If you plan to make lots of bets with the sportsbook you sign up for, this betting offer can significantly benefit you. With a VIP program, you collect points for every minimum bet you make and later exchange them for cash back or other merchandise.

Look for bookmakers with multi-level VIP programs as you will enjoy point multipliers as you move up in levels. Since this will translate to a high points–to–cashback ratio, you will likely benefit more from this.


The bottom line
Since, in most cases, you will have a small deposit when starting out, taking advantage of these sign up offers is a fair deal that will increase your returns risk free. Keep in mind that you can only make good use of the best betting offers if you follow the restrictions that are somehow hidden in the mix. The quality of the offers you will get will also depend on the betting site you choose, so you should always go for reliable and trusted betting sites in the UK.