NFL Betting: Green Bay With Aaron Rodgers Leading from the Front Is a Bet Worth Backing

Aaron Rodgers is a man who likes to talk. If you were being particularly uncharitable you might surmise that the veteran NFL star likes the sound of his own voice. However it’s undeniable that what the Green Bay quarterback had to say after he committed to another season at Lambeau Field was almost entirely fair and accurate.

The whole ‘will he/won’t he’ drama played out for months, before Rodgers agreed to remain at Green Bay into his 17th season. His chief complaints revolved around his insistence of being involved in backroom decisions and not money, and given the service he has given to the Packers, he is entirely within his rights to make such demands.

The fact that Jordan Love was brought in clearly had something of a destabilizing impact but it’s clear that Rodgers’ heart is in the right place and the fact that he’s sticking around for at least another season is well worth taking into consideration when it comes to your NFL betting strategy.

With that in mind you should take a look at these top odds comparison & sports betting predictions that will help you game plan your NFL betting season. There’s no exaggerating just how key Rodgers is to Green Bay’s chances of success and therefore the odds of (+1400) on a Super Bowl triumph is tempting but even more inviting are the odds you can pick up on their win total.

The win total is set at 10 with most sportsbooks and that’s just too enticing to ignore given that last season they managed a superb 13-3 regular season before they overcame the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional before losing out in a tight contest with Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship game.

Remember there’s an extra game to take into account so that total seems well within reach of a Green Bay side with Aaron Rodgers still at the helm.

Rodgers, it seems, was mightily close to calling time on his NFL career over the summer but now he’s back in summer training and raring to go, when asked about whether he was really close to calling it quits or whether that was more media speculation that the reality, the 37-year-old was surprisingly, refreshingly, honestly, stating;

“I was (ready to retire). That’s a fun place to be in, you know? When you have passions outside of the game and you still feel like you can give 100% to the game. And that’s what — I didn’t want to cheat my teammates, the organization, myself, anybody counting on me, the fans by not being able to be all in, so it took me a lot of the offseason to wrap my head around what the season would look like. And I think it was important for me to remain in silence about a lot of things because of my love and appreciation for the organization. I didn’t want to get into a name-calling match in public. And I think, like I said, there is a lot of wisdom in silence. The way that my press conference played, I don’t think if I make the same comment in April or May or June (that) it resonates with people as much. But it was a contemplative offseason. Also, a really fun offseason, traveling and enjoying my time and doing the things that make me most happy, so I feel like I’m at peace coming back, totally focused on the season, all in with the guys and excited about 2021.”

So it appears that not only have Green Bay retained the services of last season’s NFL MVP, they have a rejuvenated leader to push them onwards and upwards into 2021 and possibly beyond.