British Horse Racing Authority: Review and Influence on Gambling Industry

After football, horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in the UK with more than 60 racecourses. With the vision to build a brighter future for sport, horses, and people, the British Horseracing Authority or BHA was established to regulate horse racing in Britain. This entity was founded in 2007 and is responsible for the governance, regulation, and administration of the horseracing industry there. 

In fact, BHA has the goal to maintain the integrity of racing by keeping this field clean and fair and by encouraging participants to comply with the rules. Since BHA has the goal to develop and prioritise the health and welfare of the horseracing participants, how does this regulatory influence the gambling industry there?

British Horse Racing Authority Duties

BHA has four main duties such as regulation and governance, development and growth of this field, health and welfare of people, and sport’s horses. What’s more, this entity is also responsible for different fields associated with horse racing. Here are the details of BHA duties regarding horse racing’s development and regulation.

  1. Concerning governance and regulation, BHA makes sure that British horse racing is clean and fair. Actually, this regulatory has the perspective to maintain the integrity of this field in this country by encouraging participants to respect the rules as well as dealing appropriately and effectively with rule breaches. Moreover, this entity also aims to deliver competitive and compelling racing by producing an appropriate fixture list and race programme for horsemen and racecourses. This strategy leads to a larger engagement in British sport.
  2. As for the development and health of horse racing, this entity has the goal to secure sustainable funding for the sport in the UK by promoting and representing the best interests of horse racing. BHA has cooperated with other entities that share the same goal to develop the sport in this territory. All participants associated with this area should take advantage of this sport’s development.
  3. The health and welfare of horses and people is another BHA responsibility in which the body ensures the priority of the health and welfare of these participants. In this system, this regulator sets standards to make sure that people receive first-class care and attention. Since BHA focuses on participants’ well-being and development, it supports others to make racing fairer and safer.

BHA’s Influence on the Gambling Industry

With a rise in problem gambling in the UK, the government reviewed the rules regarding gambling in which the operating licence in this country should be considered a privilege, not a right. In fact, British gambling regulation has been enforced to address the issues raised by problem gambling. 

With this government’s determination to tackle the gambling problem, the British Horseracing Authority welcomed this decision and called for change during the consultation. Moreover, BHA has considerable influence on the gambling industry and non GamStop horse racing sites that operate outside the United Kingdom as it aims to raise public awareness of responsible gambling. 

As a matter of fact, this horse racing authority has continued engagement and supports responsible gambling by taking the message about safer gambling.

British Horse Racing Authority Responsibilities

  1. BHA provides leadership for racing by protecting the deep transitions and the history of British sport while leading it towards a brighter future. As stated above, BHA is responsible for providing a licence with the objective to maintain a high standard of welfare and safety for both the equine and human participants. 
  2. Furthermore, this regulator ensures that the sport is clean, fair, and free of corruption. A clear and transparent framework for access to participation in the sports events is also another BHA’s responsibility. And finally, it promotes participation and public confidence by making sure proper standards of conduct and competence. 
  3. All in all, BHA is responsible for licensing and regulating racecourses, rules compliance, participant health and welfare, racing administration, the leadership of equine welfare, fixture list and race planning, and medical services. 
  4. In addition, this authority is in charge of handicapping, international liaison and guardianship of the pattern and listed race programme, raceday operations and regulation, industry careers marketing, and industry recruitment, training and retention.

BHA Collaboration with the UK Gambling Commission

With the close cooperation between BHA and the UK Gambling Commission, this horseracing authority works with the commission in terms of information sharing and integrity. Actually, the primary purpose of the commission is to oversee and regulate all forms of gambling including horse racing. 

While BHA is responsible for preserving the integrity of racing in the UK, the commission supervises this authority and will become active when there is an issue that involves the gambling industry there. Under section 42 of the Gambling Act, licensed or non-licensed persons are required to be aware of the criminal offence of cheat. 

Actually, BHA only regulates the sport under the rules but the commission is in charge of investigating when there are law offences associated with horse racing.

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