10 Expert Tips to Find the Perfect Betting Site

There is now a huge choice of betting sites available and that can make choosing the best one a difficult task. If you conduct a simple search online for a bookmaker, you will be presented with pages and pages of options but where to you begin? Below you will find 10 expert tips to find the perfect betting site.

  1. Perhaps the best place to begin is a website that provides good reviews and up to date betting bonuses. The leading review websites allow you to choose from more than 40 sites, with detailed information about them all.
  2. When choosing the perfect betting site, always check the licencing before you join. For example, in the United Kingdom you should only bet at websites that hold a UK Gambling Commission licence.
  3. Always pay attention to the current promotions when choosing a betting site. As you are planning on placing a bet, it makes sense to choose a website with a good bonus to get the most for your money.
  4. One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a sports betting website is the odds. Depending on the event and type of bet you are planning or making, there could be a significant difference in the odds between two different bookmakers. For example, you may wish to bet on Juventus to win the Champions League and find odds of 15/1 at the first betting website you encounter. However, a quick search shows you can back Juventus at 20/1 on a different website and that is a big difference. The amount of money you may lose simply by betting on lower odds soon builds up, so always check you are getting the best value.
  5. You may already use a payment option online when purchasing products and it makes sense to continue using the same method when betting. You can easily find out the accepted payment methods at betting sites before you join. MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Bitcoin are some of the best.
  6. The majority of the world’s most popular sports are covered by every betting website. However, some of the less popular sports and events are not always covered by every bookmaker. It is worthwhile finding out if your chosen event is available before creating your account.
  7. Live betting has become extremely popular in recent years. If the betting site you are considering does not offer live betting you are advised to begin looking elsewhere.
  8. If you ever require any assistance when using a betting website, you need to be able to contact the support team immediately. Try getting in touch with them before you place a bet to ensure they are responsive and happy to help.
  9. Not every betting site will offer the same choice of markets. If there is a specific betting market you enjoy, it is best to check this is available on the website before you join and fund your account.
  10. Finally, if you are a fan of betting features, such as cash out, build your own bet, and request your own bet, always find out if the betting site you are joining offers the service. Doing so and following the other tips above will ensure you find the perfect betting site.