Football Foundation: Review and Influence on Gambling Industry

The Football Foundation (FF) is the largest sports charity in the United Kingdom created in 2000 to help communities improve their local football facilities there. This Foundation is a partnership between Premier League, the Football Association (FA), and the Government that comes with the same policy to gather the key football partners to improve football facilities across the country. 

In fact, FF helps and rebuilds new and existing community sports facilities like sports clubs, schools, pitches, and many others. Today, with the significant growth of the gambling industry, several gambling companies have developed cooperation with football clubs. How does the Football Foundation influence on gambling industry?

Football Foundation Roles

With the goal to enhance the football facilities in the UK, the Football Foundation helps people obtain more from football. Large grants are available to help British people improve the experience of playing football and strengthen football communities across the country. This charitable organization, actually, leads in the coordination and operational management of the school and community grant schemes of the Foundation. 

This includes the Grow the Game Scheme of the FA, the Premier League’s Primary Stars Kit and Equipment programmes, and Futsal projects. Moreover, as stated above, FF has the responsibility to ensure that the objectives relating to football improvement and development are achieved. By implementing and maintaining efficient policies and systems, the Foundation has to plan each scheme and establishes a well-built programme. 

The facilities the Football Foundation issues grants for include grass pitches drainage and improvements, pavilions, clubhouses and changing rooms, 3G Football Turf Pitches (FTPs) and multi-use games areas, and fixed floodlights for artificial pitches. Here are some of the issues grants of the Football Foundation.

Local Football Facility Plans

Since the Football Foundation is part of the National Football Facilities strategy, the organism has divided the country into 326 regions with a bespoke Local Football Facility Plan (LFFP) created for each local authority. Not only do the facilities help to grow sports participation but they also strengthen the link between professional football clubs and their local communities.

 For example, in the most deprived areas, the purpose is to make the football clubs a hub for the community. Additionally, in this project, the sporting activities and the coaching sessions can continue throughout the winter with the improved surfaces that can support the effect of cold weather.

Grass Pitch Improvement Strategy

As the majority of grassroots football is still played on traditional grass pitches, improving these pitches is also the priority for the Foundation. The organism has collaborated with the FA to develop the project called the Grass Pitch Improvement Strategy. This project’s purpose is to ensure that every affiliated football fixture is played on a quality football pitch. 

Since the Premier League was the founding partner of this organism, it has supported more than 17,100 grassroots sports projects including 829 artificial grass (Astroturf) pitches, 3,160 natural grass pitches, 1,091 changing facilities, and 182 multi-use games areas.

Football Foundation Influence on Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is growing in the United Kingdom and several operators get motivated to run the gambling businesses in this country. Different gambling companies are involved in this field and apart from offering their services and products, they have also partnered with the organizations including Football Foundation. 

Through sponsorships, the betting industry and football have become strongly linked to each other. The cooperation between them does not only extend to wearing shirts but also based on the policies to minimize gambling-related harms related to the football betting not on GamStop promoted by several British operators. However, the relationship between football clubs and the gambling industry must maintain a responsible and healthy approach towards the advertising methods with the goal to minimize the risk of problem gambling.

Tougher Standards on Gambling Advertising on all Sporting Events

While several people are against the close relationship between the gambling industry and football, their connection allows both sides to thrive. As a matter of fact, a connection between the gambling industry and football has developed over the years. Since the Football Foundation has existed for more than twenty years, this organism is able to make a difference to grassroots football across the UK. 

This transformation is mainly thanks to the investment of the funding partners into grassroots football. One of them is the gambling industry that has collaborated with the Football Foundation and several football clubs. Nonetheless, after the regulation’s establishment that permits gambling companies to stream sports events on their websites, the Football Association stated that cooperation with gambling groups threatens sports funding. 

The government, therefore, asked FA to reconsider a deal between this organism and the gambling companies that permits these firms to show FA matches live on their websites. Since gambling marketing and advertising influences vulnerable gamblers, all sporting bodies that have cooperated with the gambling companies need to be aware of the negative impacts of the ads on the players.

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