Sevilla FC​ v Borussia Mönchengladbach​ Free Tip

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“Sevilla dont started best into new season, they dont have win yet in domestic competition, and only scored 2 goals in three matches. That is something really unexpecetd, if we know how much this team scored goals, and really easily realised their chances, converted in goals. But primarily problem is many new players, this team just need little more time to click, and start where they stopped. All this new players are great signings, and best one is for sure Konoplyanka. This winger is something special, he already showing his brilliance, in every touch with ball, and he has conection with Banega, what is unnesecery for strong Sevilla. Llorente didnt found himself yet, one good game and one to forget, till now, but I think he can a lot this season, he will start banging soon. Nzonzi scored goal in last match, great goal. Defence is mixed, no new players, but some of them play on not naturaly position, this how it looks: Coke, Krychowiak, Kolodziejczak, Tremoulinas-Krychowiak is natural defensive midfielder, he can play on CB, but its not best solution, Kolodziejczak is left back, and that can be problems against fast gameplay, and counteratacking teams, who has good transition. Borussia is team who has good transition. They reached Champions League in style, last season, but this season started horrible. real horor for their fans. Favre has problems on the start with defence, and Christiansen and Shulz paired centre backs, what looked very bad, mostly because of age, this two guys are very young. Tonight , Brouwers and Jantschke will take a part in cb-tandem. Korb on the right side, and Wendt on the left side, and if you ask me, this is really weak defensive line, and teams like Sevilla can break this with ease. Really dont know what they plan to do, in this season, but they missed more quality signings, experienced. Drmic is new man in atack, but he failed to show anything yet, and he will be tonight on bench. Rafael and Hazard probably will play close to each other, this two knows well to create something. Traore is player to watch from guesting side. He was very good at pre-seasons, and Favre has enormous belif in him. He can shake defence of Sevilla, and with Hahn on other wing(If they decide to play wider gameplay) this two can create few goal chances, even in this current form and with this morale after 4 losted games in row. I dont expect to much from MC Stindl, he doesnt contribute anything yet, and I expect to see more from wings. Everything is ready for big game, booth teams are impressed with playing in Champions League, Borussia can take something from this even if they are real underdogs in this one, but they love that position more when they are favourites. They will wait and try to do something from counteratack, Sevilla will push from the first minute, and I see here goals, booth defences are very , very unstable. If Sevilla score early, guests will be furious and than they will go to atack with all players, which will left many open space, and this can go in three results-5: 0, 3: 2, 3: 3.” Click HERE]]>