Cai Zaragoza vs Valencia Basket Free Tip

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Are you a fan of basketball? It’s time for Basket CAI Zaragoza​ playing against Valencia Basket Club​ in a few hours. Click HERE to win.

“I may not be a perfect expert on Spanish basketball but one thing is for sure – taking Over 152 is nearly as steal in every Valencia game. This is because the Valencians are playing with high pace and can count on a very long and balanced bench. Therefore, no matter who steps onto the court Valencia is still able to keep their accelleration up. Although I see some defensive improvements in Valencia displays this season, the whole story about Valencia is their offence. They’ve got damn good individuals like Van Rossom, Hamilton, San Emeterio, Sikma, Shurna, Martinez, Sato, Dubljevic, Vives etc. Big rotation posibilities ensures Pedro Martinez’s men very stable offence as Valencia averages 87 points per match in Spain and 78.8 in the Eurocup. I do expect Valencia to at least reach their scoring average in this Eurocup match against struggling Zaragoza. Af for Zaragoza, I’m sure they’ll try to spoil the perfect win record of Valencia. Valencia has won all 13 games this season in ACB and Eurocup, so tasting their blood becomes a priority. Neither team needs this win very badly, which means Valencia might not be that focused here. Zaragoza is playing this game in front of their fans and having a balanced roster at his disposal head coach Casadevall can cound on 10 names as well. CAI is only 1-6 in the ACB standings, so defeating the Spanish league leaders Valencia in a Eurocup game would add a lot of positive mood to the hosts. Zaragoza is solid offensively at home, while Valencia is solid offensively wherever and whoever they play. So, all thing combined, Over 152 is the call.”