Trainers to follow in Nursery Races

Trainers to follow in Nursery Races

This is probably one of the hardest types of races to solve from a betting perspective. Not only are the horses likely to be lightly raced but they could be facing different conditions than they have previously, in terms of trip, ground, track, a permutation of those factors and more. In addition, juveniles progress at different rates and can digress just as quickly as well.

To compound matters further, a nursery event is a handicap for two year olds, this means the handicapper has to make some form of educational guess work as to what rating should be assigned based on limited evidence, not an easy task, I can assure you.

If you develop your own ratings accurately and specialise in these type of races then you can often find errors in the calculation of the official rating and it can pay dividends in time and well worth the effort over the long term.

However, one way to get a better idea of what may be expected by connections is to look at their overall record in such events and to look at the type of horse that is usually required to perform well based on their limited race profile.

I would first consider what trainer is less high profile, especially with runners taking on horses from more established yards, that way there is a better chance of obtaining reasonable odds about a runner, remember what is important is getting value for your money over the long term.

There are a few trainers that I pay special attention to when they have a two year old contesting a nursery race

and they are listed below for your consideration.

Please note records are based on a level staking plan to one Euro or Sterling per bet at SP (Industry prices).

Trainer: J Osborne

Bets: 167 Wins: 31 Strike rate: 19% P/L +60.84

Trainer: D Wachman

Bets: 119 Wins: 20 Strike rate: 17% P/L +56.21

Trainer: Sir Mark Prescott

Bets: 110 Wins: 31 Strike rate: 28% P/L +34.90

Trainer: P D Evans

Bets: 444 Wins: 43 Strike rate: 10% P/L +56.12