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A quick comparison. Arsenal play Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League on Sunday, and here are a selection of the odds that were on offer from some of the top sports bookmakers at around the same moment on Friday, two days before the game.

Bet365 – Arsenal 1.95, Draw 3.60, Tottenham 4.20

PaddyPower – Arsenal 1.95, Draw 3.50, Tottenham 4.00

Pinnacle Sports – Arsenal 1.961, Draw 3.590, Tottenham 4.300

Skybet – Arsenal 1.91, Draw, 3.50, Tottenham 4.00

In numbers

As you would expect, there are small variations in the odds, but nothing extraordinary. However, what is truly extraordinary is that most people will continue to proceed with their bet even though they are aware that better odds are on offer at a competitor. In numbers, here is what that could mean.

For the match in question, Pinnacle offer the best odds of 1.961 on an Arsenal win, compared to, for example, 1.91 at Skybet. What does that mean on a €100 bet?

1.961 x 100 = €196.10

1.91 x 100 = €191

An increase in winnings of €5.10

If you wanted to bet on a draw, bet365 have the best odds on offer at 3.60, while PaddyPower and Skybet offer 3.50. Again using the €100 bet example;

3.60 x 100 = €360

3.50 x 100 = €350

An increase in winnings of €10

Finally, on a Tottenham win, Pinnacle offer odds of 4.300, whereas PaddyPower and Skybet are offering 4.00;

4.30 x €100 = €430

4.00 x €100 = €400

An increase in winnings of €30

What does it all mean?

These are very simple examples, and are by no means designed to promote one bookmaker over another as each will in turn offer the best odds on a particular outcome of a particular event from time to time. The key is, of course, to always shop around. Taking the three outcomes above into consideration, sensibly researched odds would lead to markedly improved profits and yield – just one of the reasons why any tipster service worthy of its name would advise customers of the best odds available, and why successful bettors often have accounts with multiple bookmakers in order to take advantage of the best odds on offer. In the case of a Tottenham win, as above, that could result in a €30 increase in profits on an initial investment of €100, and not at particularly long odds either. Just as a comparison, if Watford were to win against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday, a €100 bet could  be placed at odds as far reaching as 10.00 or 13.00 – a difference of €300 in profit on a €100 stake.

How do I find the best odds?

Quality tipster sites such as will always advise on where the best odds can be found, as well as giving details as to what the absolute minimum limit should be when placing that bet. Alternatively, you don’t need to waste your time checking all the sites yourself as there are many good odds comparison sites, such as or, that do the hard work for you and present all current odds available in an easy-to-read format.

One more thing to remember

As commonly-run promotions, bookmakers offer best odds price match guarantees or will match the starting price if the odds have increased since the bet was placed. These are worthwhile promotions that any sensible bettor pays close attention to and can have a significant impact on the betting bank over the long term.  The experts at work diligently to suggest to their customers where the best odds are available, advice that bettors of any level would be wise to follow in their pursuit of sports betting success.

By: Steve Paget