Five Ways to Avoid Bad Tipsters

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Bet Advisor prides itself on its tipster selection process, with experts only added once they have proved themselves with public proofing or via our tipster academy.
However, the internet is awash with numerous dirty tricks and dubious tactics that tipsters will apply to impress unwary punters. With this in mind, we’ve provided a quick rundown of what you as a punter need to be aware of before you join any tipster service.

Selling Other Peoples Tips

Every now and again we come across tipsters that are merely recycling the tips from other. Not only is this downright deceitful, it’s also dangerous for your bank balance. Quite often these tips will come through after the original tipster has sent their tip, with a considerable delay. This means that you won’t have the first opportunity to get the available odds. There is also the danger of what happens when the original tipster takes a break – Will the copycat tipster just make things up?At Bet Advisor we are continually monitoring our tipsters for any ‘cross pollination’ so you can be sure of unique tips.

Social Media Tipsters

As recently as last year, there were a number of tipsters on Facebook making tens of thousands of euros a month from sub standard tips.Until recently, it has been all too easy to set up a new Facebook page or Twitter account, put up a bunch of tips and if they win – great, if they lose, just delete it.Accumulator or ‘challenge’ sites are hugely popular on Social Media. All you need do is simply create 10 accounts on Twitter or Facebook, put up a slightly different version of a multiple bet on each one and one of them will probably come good each weekend.It’s one reason we only accept tipsters based  on their results and commitment to providing a professional service. This means you can examine the results of all our tipsters in full. Bet Advisor takes away the hassle of results reporting from tipsters, with all tips and odds based around a third party data feed. This means you can be confident in the accuracy of our results and know that the tipsters on Bet Advisor are able to focus on what they do best – tipping!

Claiming to have ‘Inside Information’

It’s the oldest trick in the book – claim to have ‘inside information’ about tips guaranteed to win and ask for people to stump up the cash in the hope of getting in on the action.
The sad reality is that even if there is an element of people who do get inside info on certain horses to win a race – they are never going to share it with a stranger, no matter how convincing they sound or how much they charge.There is also the problem that most ‘inside information’ turns out to be useless! A nod from a jockey or stable lad can turn out to be little more than guesswork as they might know that a certain horse is running well, but forget that a horse race involves other horses!When it comes to football, there are genuine instances of match fixing, but we would advise anyone to avoid this wholly legal activity. Bookmakers will certainly mark accounts involved in such matches and may even refer you to authorities.The vast majority of profitable tipsters rely on statistics, form reading and a deep understanding of the game.

Using Minor Bookmakers

Sliding down the scale of dubious practices are the tipsters who continuously quote odds with bookies that no-one will realistically match.
There are many tiny bookmakers that appear to offer attractive odds, but try to get more than €10 on at those odds and you will be disappointing. There is also the problem that minor or lesser known bookmakers can be less safe with your money or engage in dubious tricks to delay your withdrawals.At Bet Advisor we only allow our tipsters to proof from a selection of quality bookmakers that we know our punters can trust.

Inconsistent Staking& Results Out Of Context

Sometimes you might see a tipster claim  a big headline such as “We made 1000 pts profit last month”, but they fail to mention that you had to risk 100,000 points to make that. Another trick is to shout about profits over a very select period such as the last three months which might sound great until you realise they have lost money over the last 6 and 12 months.At Bet Advisor, you have access to a tipster’s entire track record so you can see their results – Warts and all!