Aiden Monroe Analysis

Dear Investors,

After a detailed review of my service and constant monitoring on prices are available at the time of posting, that I’ve decided to now posting my tips between 6;30pm to 8 pm at the latest the day before racing. There are many positives by taking this route, which I will explain now. On average the median total points lost per month is 14.73 by taking prices on the day of racing compared to the night before, it, therefore, makes sense to tip the night before as if backing to a 100 euros per point equates to £1473 per month lost going through the last six months of monitoring, sufficient time of monitoring to strongly suggest tipping the night before is more beneficial. I would however strongly suggest splitting your stakes between various bookies to keep and give the appearance that you are staking small. I will help in this regard, I will only be tipping were at least 8 to 10 bookmakers have priced up the events in question, if not more, also no calculations will be based on best odds guaranteed with all rule 4 applied as per normal. I will also tip where possible to where the general price is available with at least three bookies, so best prices can be obtained by looking through odds comparison site this I believe provides a fair service and a true reflection of what my service offers to clients. You getting on the best odds available not shorter prices in the morning and also at obtainable odds by splitting your stakes evenly with different bookmakers. I am likely to post tips at 7 pm (with warning message sent in advance) but on occasions may tip at 6;30pm at the earliest (Bit only on the basis there are enough bookies pricing up the event in question) if I feel it’s justified because prices may shorten beforehand. My job is to ensure you are on at good prices, hence this change which I hope you can appreciate is in your interest over the long term. Those that have subscribed on longer-term subscriptions can request a generous discount as a loyal customer once their subscription has run out to make it more affordable, the current price is 99 euros but this means fewer customers but also means those that subscribed can get on the quoted prices without concern. I’m doing my best, devoting more time now to make this a viable and profitable service and that will be proven this year, that I can guarantee.

I thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards