Mug Punter, Eight Ways To Pretend You’re

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One side of effect of making betting profits is that bookmakers might start to take an interest in your account and restrict your betting.
All is not lost however and when it comes to keeping your betting accounts open – prevention will always be 100% better than cure – and the very best way to prevent restrictions is to pretend to be a mug punter.
Bookies love ‘mug’ punters and can’t get enough of them so by adopting some of these following tactics, you can start to throw them off the scent a little.
I am not promising you will never get restricted, even if you follow them religiously but applying all or some of these 8 points will certainly extend the life of your accounts.

  1. Be Careful During Your First Few Weeks Betting

Bear in mind how important the first few weeks of the life of your bookie account actually are.
If you have a big winner straight-away and run off a string of profits, they won’t like it and you also run the risk of being red-flagged.
The way I like to think of it is akin to when you get start a new relationship and make sure you are on your best behaviour for the first few weeks.
After a little while, you might start to let yourself go a bit and reveal a little bit more of the real you, but first impressions as with a new partner, really matter to a bookie.

  1. Play The Casino Occasionally

Some bookies make next-to-no money from their sports book and the only reason it exists is to funnel people through to their casino.
Victor Chandler for example have been known to cut you simply because you don’t play in the casino so my advice is to spend a little bit of cash in there every few weeks or so.
The purpose of this isn’t to win money but to put down a marker that says hey I’m a mug punter.
Don’t just be tempted to do this after a big winner though, but do it before it comes in. Make a habit of spending £10, £20 in the casino every few weeks. Yes you will lose it but if an unrestricted account is worth more than that – why not?

  1. Place Accas and Scorecast Bets

The reasoning behind this is the exact same logic as above – bookies love to see punters playing mug bets such as accas and scorecast bets as much as possible. Stick a few quid on these every week that you are prepared to lose.
One thing I do is place acca bets for my mates through my account. They all like a bet but I convinced them I could get better odds through me, which ultimately means they can win more (mainly as I can choose from several bookies rather than just the one they would use). A few of them now send me their acca selections and I place them on their behalf (as long as they send me the money!) Most of them haven’t got a clue, so rack up losers, but are happy enough when they bag the occasional big one at better odds.

  1. Use The Bookie Offers

The bookies also have some decent offers out there they willingly promote that can help you stay on their good side.
For example Betfred have been promoting their Double Delight/HatTrick heaven bet which is a really good offer. You can double or triple the odds on any first goalscorer bet and this can actually work quite well in certain leagues.
Even a top striker like Suarez is often backable at between 3/1 and 4/1 to be first goalscorer in most games and this season he scored first and bagged 2 braces and 3 hat-tricks to qualify via this offer.
If you fancy Liverpool to win, rather than back them at heavy odds-on, why not add a bet on Suarez to score first for a fiver? At odds of just 3/1 that’s 3 winning bets at 9/1 and 2 at 6/1 last season from the qualifying games (note – only selective games are included in the offer).
Keep an eye out for similar offers like this – they are a great way to break even (and sometimes even make a profit) whilst pretending to be a mug at the same time.

  1. Place A Mug Bet and Lay It Off

A fairly straightforward suggestion this, yet oft overlooked is to place a bet on a racing fave that isn’t top price with 1 bookie for £100 and look to lay it off on Betfair. You might lose £5 to £10 on it but if they look at your account it will help showcase your ‘mug’ potential.
The key here is not to take best price on the bet you back and to do it close to the off.

  1. Mix Up Your Sports

The worst thing you can do is to only ever place horse racing bets at 9/10am in the morning)or earlier) on prices that will shorten. Instead mix up the sports you bet upon in each account, choosing a few more bookie-friendly markets and sports to throw them off the scent!

  1. Use Their Apps

I am told that the highest value clients for many bookmakers come via their apps so consider placing bets via your mobile phone. This makes sense as often mobile betting is done by the guy at the pub or the game who hasn’t done his research. Bookmakers often have more tolerance of winning bets if they have been placed via their app.

  1. Use The Racing Post & Other Mug-Friendly Sources

Similar to apps, think about using some mug-friendly sources to place your bets. The likes of the Racing Post website and app is a great source to use to either open an account or place your bets. If a customer is tracked to their site, there is a greater chance than not you will be tagged as a mug pretty quick
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