Interview with BetAdvisor Tipster Oddsmaker

1.    How long have you been working in the industry and how long did it take you to develop a system that was both stable and profitable?

Hi, thank you for this possibility to talk about my betting philosophy and my Betting Service. Let’s start from the beginning. My betting adventure started 5 years ago. I was a very active bridge player and my bridge friends who were betting several years showed me the betting world. I can say I was lucky, I could avoid many beginners mistakes with friends’ help and their knowledge and I earned money from the 1st year of my play. I developed my profitable style which is mainly based on the math and statistics by the systematic and intensive work. I am a math guy, a big fan of sport and statistics, this is a perfect betting combination. The betting quickly became my passion and job. I started offer my help and Betting Service 2 years ago. My nick “oddsmaker”, which describes my betting style, was born 1,5 years ago after I opened my blog on a popular betting forum. Betadvisor offered me a business proposal and I joined a team of professional tipsters about 1 year ago.
2. What is the single most important factor that you look for when evaluating a match?
The most important factor for me is always the value. I do not bet against the math. I use my database, knowledge and experience to estimate a probability of a pick and I look at offered odds by bookies. If bookies offered odds are higher than mine I have the value which will give me the profit over the long term. Each pick can be won or lost but if you want to make the profit you have to take picks which have the value in the distance. Betting is a long term game.
3. Do you find yourself getting emotionally caught up in matches even though the selections have been made by a system?
If you want to be a successful tipster/bettor you have to put your ego and emotions away. This is a common mistake. Some tipsters also have a problem  with pressure when they  offer a service. They often panic after a few lost picks and force their game which usually ends with a big loss.  For sure this is not professional. I am free of this. I stay cool all the way, I do not celebrate my winnings and do not panic after losses. I have my favorites teams but I am always objective, I think this is an attribute of all professional winning tipsters. I do not bet for fun.
4. What kind of performance can a new subscriber expect from your service?
My subscribers can always expect picks from me which have the value in the distance and the profit over the long term. I am a winning tipster who makes the profit each year. A very important thing for my subscribers is the fact that I use only serious sportbooks in my Betting Service: Pinnacle, Sbobet, 12bet (12 bet/IBCBET) and 188bet. My picks can be also placed in 5dimes. These sportbooks offer high limits, they do not quickly limit winning bettors and have more stable odds, so my subscribers have much more time to place my bets. I do not use junk bookies with junk odds to pump my yield because my subscribers would not be able to repeat these plays in real life. My aim is always the same: to make money. For this reason I do not like write deep anylyses, I simply do not want to explain trader’s mistakes and teach them. I keep better odds for me and my subscribers in the future. You can find many “writers of novels” with poor results in the betting world, I am not one of them.
5. What do you see as the future for your service?
Betting is exciting for people and will always exist. Refer to statistics only 2-3% bettors make money. It will not be changed. I am happy to be a winning tipster who can offer help my subscribers. I would like to thank all my subscribers for their trust and support. Thank you for this interview and Good Luck  
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