BetAdvisor Tipster Interview – Viktor Aleksander

Q: Viktor, you are specialized on Norwegian football championships. What differentiates Norwegian football from other European leagues?

In many ways I feel that Norwegian football is not so different from other European leagues. But Norwegian football is not on the same level it was years ago when Rosenborg dominated year after year and even had success in the CL and made shockwaves throughout Europe. They put Norway on the map when it comes to football, together with the success in the 90’s with the national team playing in the WC in USA and France and being 2nd placed in the FIFA rankings. Today the league lacks personalities in many ways and the few stars there are leave when they get the chance to play in a better league. Obviously the quality in Norwegian football is not on the same level as in many other European leagues. The season is also different from most leagues as it’s usually being played from March until November. This has to do with the long and cold winters here. The weather conditions are also an important reason why many teams use artificial grass in their home stadiums. And when most leagues are on a break during summer the Norwegian leagues are still active. Often in Norway, especially this season, there is no clear title candidate and everyone can beat each other. The biggest difference however is the fact there are many goals being scored in Norway. Each year Norway is in the top worldwide when it comes to amount of scored goals on average each round. So excitement and entertainment is high here.

Q: Why did you choose to focus specifically on Norway?

Well, as I’m from Norway and live here it’s quite naturally that this is the league I know the best and have most interest in. English Premier League have always been big in Norway, ever since Norwegian TV started to broadcast a Saturday match each round for more than 40 years ago. But there is always something special to follow your own domestic league and of course your local team. The Norwegian leagues don’t share the same quality as many other European leagues but the drama, entertainment and excitement is the same. As is the importance of team info and news when it comes to betting, just like everywhere else. Being a local it’s usually easier to obtain that info before the rest of the world. Norway is a rather small country and a small league compared to rest of Europe so it was usually easy to spot mistakes by the bookmakers. The last few years I’ve noticed an increase in interest for Norway leagues (when it comes to betting at least) and also that the bookmakers are smarter than before. Being a local you have a better chance at obtaining important info before it reaches the bookmakers. So being a local and having an interest for the sport and the leagues and at the same time being a bettor and tipster made it easy to focus specifically on Norway.

Q: So you will be active all this summer?

Yes! This is what is great about Norwegian football. When major leagues around Europe are on vacation, the ball keeps on rolling in Norway.