Assessing runners in class two handicap turf races

Assessing runners in class two handicap turf races

Where there are handicaps in graded races over the jumps there aren’t any in flat races, there are, however, listed handicaps on the flat but a listed race is not a group event even though both categories fall under the pattern program.

One step below a listed handicap is a class two race, some have the title of being a heritage handicap meaning the race at least has a value of £50,000

There are three class bands 86-100, 91-105 and finally 96-110. All three bands carry a difference of 14lb meaning horses have to be rated within 14lb of each other to compete against one another.

The great thing about these races is that they are often competitive, with horses tending to be of a better quality as indicated by their official rating and who tend to hold their form better as a consequence because they either possess a better constitution whilst having the right mind set, this is just in addition to pure ability.

As the prize money is attractive you will often find trainers mapping out a race program for horses a long way in advance of the race, one to ensure that a horse starting out the year on a low mark will by the time of the race in question have the required rating to be allowed to compete in such a race.

Therefore it is a good idea for early closing races or where the entries are well known in advance to view those off a low mark but require a good performance, preferably a win or two to not be balloted out of the race.

This is a potential way of unearthing future winners in lesser affairs before the main featured event, and by specifically monitoring trainers who have a good record in these circumstances can put you on the right path to long term profitability.

Outside of that is a small list of trainers to keep an eye out for in such races.

Please note records are based on a level staking plan to one Euro or Sterling per bet at SP (Industry prices).

Trainer: C Applelby

Bets: 242 Wins: 32 Strike rate: 15% P/L +19.21

Trainer: I Williams

Bets: 205 Wins: 20 Strike rate: 10% P/L +64.25

Trainer: B Meehan

Bets: 405 Wins: 37 Strike rate: 9% P/L +53.88

Trainer: J Gosden

Bets: 475 Wins: 72 Strike rate: 15% P/L +26.27