How to becoming a professional gambler?

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How do you go about becoming a professional gambler?

The first question professional gamblers suggest you ask yourself is. Do you really want to do this? Many people envisage the life being glamorous, getting up late in the morning, not having a boss or a commute but the reality is quite different. The professional gambler we know do very well financially but work damn hard, often researching the form for hours a day only to decide that the odds aren’t worth a stake! Ian Erskine, a very successful football gambler commented “If you want to earn good money you have to treat it like you would any other profession of similar income”. Another gambler who wanted to remain nameless said the loneliness was his big challenge. I’d gone from being part of a team at work to working alone for 8 hours a day in my attic, unable to bounce my ideas off anyone and being wholly responsible for my decisions.” You also need to face facts that some people including friends and family may see your decision to make this your full time work as workshy or a dirty choice. If you are happy with this then the life and riches of being a professional gambler are worth exploring. Our top tips would then be. Only ever bet with your head – The days of you backing a horse because you like the name or a minnow in the cup because you believe in the romance of the giant killers have gone. Stick to the sports where you have the knowledge, the competitive edge over the bookie and if the odds don’t stack up, don’t bet!! Discipline – Stick with what you know. If you move into a new sport or new area then ring-fence an amount of money that you see suitable until you have proven your methods work. You will lose some – Not every day will be cash positive ,but if you are winning over a longer period then stick with it. Some bets will go wrong but if you have committed to doing this for a living then give it time to work without chasing your losses. Play the long game and the rewards will come. Being a professional gambler is a viable career option, do your research and take time to make an informed decision that could be the start of a new life for you!]]>