Tipster of the Year 2013

Here are the results (Top 6 Tipsters): Andreas Kloft & Dmitry Lebedev tipster Andreas KloftBoth of these tipsters picked up 5% of the vote, it’s not a huge proportion of the vote but it’s good to see tipsters getting mentioned who aren’t one of the “high flyers” on the site. tipster Dmitry LebedevAndreas had a couple of rocky months in 2013 but finished the year with a solid profit whilst Dmitry suffers from having only a short period of time to do his work as he concentrates mainly on the NBA. Andreas had 3 losing months in 2013, made a profit of 1057.9 units from 363 selections, he finished the year with a yield of 6.29%. Dmitry made 3221.6 units profit from 471 tips in 2013, he had only one losing month and his yield for the year was 12.16%. Oddsmaker & Daniel Larsen These two football tipsters picked up 10% of the vote each. tipster OddsmakerOddsmaker took four months off in the middle of the year to not only take a short break and recharge his batteries, but also to evaluate his methods and refine the work he’d been doing over the last 7 or so years. Oddsmaker has been with BetAdvisor pretty much since the start and achieved 106.15 units of profit in 2013 with a yield of 1.38% over 216 bets.tipster Daniel Larsen Daniel Larsen has been with us since December 2012.  As he was betting in leagues that carry on throughout the summer, he had no need of a break and was active for all 12 months of 2013.  He’s been fairly consistent as well with 8 winning months and only one month with any significant losses. He finished 2013 with a profit of 1040.16 units from 314 selections, 6.53% yield. Florin Groza (Baseball) & Tomislav Vucic With 15% of the vote each, these two tipster came in joint second in our survey and rightly so, they have both had strong years. tipster Florin GrozaFlorin Groza has since launched an American Football service but it was his ability in the MLB that first caught our eye.  It’s a very intense sport to follow with a lot of games almost every day, the season is also quite short , running only 7 months of the year. Florin started things in great style with two solid months of profit in April & May, making over 950 units straight away.  June proved harder though and he had his first losing month since joining the site in September 2012.  All tipsters have losing months from time to time  and it took Florin just over a month to recover the money lost, pushing onto even greater profits in August. He finished the 2013 baseball season with 1399.3 units of profit from 443 selections, a yield of 3.88% which is nothing to be sniffed at in this high liquidity market. tipster Tomislav VucicTomislav Vucic has proven to be a very populat tipster on the site, his consistency over the year has been exemplary even if 2013 did start off a little rough with his two biggest losing months.  We started to see the shoots of recovery in March though and April saw his biggest individual month of profit in 2013 when he won 480.9 units of profit. After that we saw only one small month of loss and consistent wins from Tomislav.  Again, he worked through the entire year without a break as he covers fhe Scandinavian leagues as part of his service. Despite his rough start, Tomislav finished the year with 730.2 units of profit from his 270 selections, a yield of 5.76%. Tipster of the Year 2013 tipster Aiden Monroe AMAiden Monroe was always going to be in the running for this one, his form in 2013 was fantastic, just one losing month in October and an average profit per month of 751 units. Aiden finished third in our 2012 survey but was a clear winner this time around with 40% of the vote.  We firmly believe that Aiden is one of the very best horse racing tipsters you can find anywhere, his consistency over the two years he has been with us has been amazing with only 4 losing months in total and over 27000 units of profit. Aidens service has had to be limited on several occasions due to his massive popularity and we know there are clients who have been with him since pretty much his first day on the site which backs up his durability long term. Aiden achived a profit of 9019.54 units in 2013 from his 590 selections, his yield for the year was a staggering 19.25%. We think that Aidens position as our clients favourite tipster is well deserved and we look forward to seeing what he can do in 2014.]]>