Tipster Monthly Report – October

Football Thomas Mignot tops the tables of profit earned in the football section in October, he’ll have to be careful if he wants to protect his place, a couple of new arrivals are showing the kind of ability that will see them get featured in this article next month. Thomas concentrates only on the French league and with a 63% hit-rate last month, he’s shown how good he is in that area. Often numbers speak for themselves and in this case 316 points of profit and 29.26% yield speak loud and clear.

Horse Racing

Aiden Monroe had a cracking month in October, easily topping the profit charts of ALL of our tipsters this month, 3042 points of profit is a fantastic return and he’s already started November in imperious style. Not many tipsters hit 68% yield in a single month and there has certainly been a lot of talk on our Facebook page about how good he’s been recently. Aiden had a slow start to his time at betAdvisor but he’s on fire now and a tipster with confidence and form like his is a joy to behold, especially when they are making lots and lots of money for their clients.


Nathan Collins may sit in the unlucky 13th spot in terms of yield ranking last month but that’s about the only bad luck he’s had in October. A 65% hit rate and solid odds selection has provided his clients with an excellent return over the last month.  354 points of profit in a well covered sport like tennis is nothing to be sniffed at and he rightly sits at the top of the tennis rankings  for both profit and yield right now. A mention for Sportyy isn’t remiss either as he actually attained a higher yield than Nathan but didn’t reach the same level of yield. Both tennis guys had a great month but Nathan comes out on top for me.


Andrei retains top spot in the basketball rankings after another good month. Andrei remains as prolific as ever with his selections with 28 picks last month, another tipster with a high win percentage, Andrei got it right 75% of the time in October and that pulled in a solid 21 wins. No slacker in the profit or yield areas either, Andrei pulled in nearly a thousand points of profit last month and had a yield around 43%. Those kind of numbers would put Andrei in contention to win the “best tipster of the month” award (if such a thing existed).

American Football

Tommy Conlon manages to make an appearance in this column, in his first month online, some may point out he hasn’t been online long but Tommy has been working within the same constraints and rules as all of our other tipsters during his trial period and has done well since coming online so it’s only fair we recognize that. I’ve spoken to Tommy personally many times in the run up to him being put online and it is clear that he really is very knowledgable on the subject. I think that Tommy will turn out to be a very good addition to our NFL tipster team and with half of the season to go, we’re looking forwards to seeing what he can do.

Ice Hockey

Not many tipsters can attain a yield over 16%, profit over 180 points,  have a better than 50% hit-rate and then turn around and complain that they didn’t have a good month. Tipster Syndrom is one of the few that can do that with a straight face. I think they are being a bit tough on themselves, ok, they did hit over 40% yield in both March and April but there has been an enforced break since and for numbers like that, this early on in the ice-hockey season, they should be very happy with what they’ve done.


Mike McClain is my choice for number one baseball tipster this month, it’s not been an easy time with the baseball season coming to a close but Mike still managed to pick up a good level of profit for his clients that stuck around until the end. With a 70% hit-rate, a profit of 185 points and a yield of 38%, we’re pretty sure that Mikes clients will be eagerly awaiting his return next season. In all, October was a pretty good month, some very good tipsters had great months and the early signs are that November will also be a good month for those that are wise enough to invest in the services of top tipsters.]]>