Message from Signature Racing Tips

We have to get away from these self created restrictions that have hit us all hard and start to get back to enjoying being a part of this potentially great service. We collectively are fed up of watching winning horse after horse that we had pencilled in for selection but through restriction of being responsible had prohibited, and then watching our rated best chance of success letting us down. This game is full of self inflicted grief and guilt which has a huge detrimental effect to anyone in horse racing and with this relaxed approached as opposed to such a strict mindset will reap the desired rewards. Again we will not be going looking for additional horses to provide our valued clients with as a forecast. These racehorses have always been pencilled in but through our responsible and restricted approach, we have simply had to discard them. There is no way that we will ever change our selection method in such a dramatic way as it would seriously undermine our clients reasons for becoming part of our service. Finally as a thank you to all associated, we will be offering a free month subscription to any client who has been with us for any length of subscription, throughout the 2011 flat season. This will mark the commencement of the national hunt/winter season and is the very least that we can do with the more or less static position that we have all experienced. For anyone with a longer term subscription passing this date, then please don’t worry as we will simply add the month to your subscription. Likewise should a subscription be expiring between now and the end of October then we will simply commence the free subscription from the upcoming expiry date.]]>