BetAdvisor Update 08/04/2014

I am not taking the tipping seriously anymore by backing huge underdogs with max stakes. Clearly that attitude is not acceptable and despite the fact he only had a few days left of active service we expected him to carry on providing tips for any remaining clients in a sensible manner. The 400 units he lost yesterday took our overall tipsters results into a negative figure and we’re better off as a whole without that kind of attitude bringing people down. As you can guess, I’m not happy about this.  We’ve only seen this kind of attitude once before from an active tipster and that was equally damaging to our clients.  Tipsters are at their best when they are working for the benefits of their clients.  Treating this process as a game is not acceptable to us and we’re sure it’s not acceptable to you either. Oscar only has a couple of days left on the site and he will stay on pause until that time is used up, come Thursday he will be removed from our rankings and we hope that this episode highlights that we will not accept our clients faith being abused. I’ll be back tomorrow for another update that hopefully contains better news.]]>