BetAdvisor May 2014 Review – Handball & Ice Hockey

With only one tipster in each section I’m going to combine these two sports into one article for the sake of space on the blog!

Neither handball tipster Kristian Nordquist or ice hockey tipster Arie Hordman have had particularly strong months.  Kristian at least finished in a profit with 4 units, not really enough to be used as justification for his place on the site as he is still on probation but that won’t be the only factor we take a look at.

Arie Hordman has long been a popular figure on BetAdvisor, mainly down to his consistency on the site.  May was his first losing month in 2014 and we don’t expect to see a long losing run as this tipster has clear ability and this bump in the road should be passed soon enough.  For the record he lost 318.1 units on the games played in May.