BetAdvisor become official Tipster Partner of SBCnews

Here at BetAdvisor, we are pleased to announce that we have become the official tipster partner of – the voice of the sports betting industry. The aim of this partnership is to give the sports betting community a greater insight in to the day to day running of BetAdvisor, along with tipster interviews, condensed reporting and all the latest BetAdvisor news. The role of a professional tipster is often kept secretive, but with this partnership we hope to provide valuable insight in to what makes our tipsters tick.

The first tipster profile on the SBC website is that of Premier League expert Jason Mills who provides some interesting words on how to deal with losing bets; including this experiment:

“For clients I would say try this little experiment, get a coin and flip it the number of selections your chosen tipster advises in a year (easily found on the Bet Advisor site stats ) note down the sequence of heads and tails (prepare to be surprised) now imagine that heads is a winning bet and tails a losing bet, you will now see the kind of losing runs you can expect, remember this is a 50% strike rate simulation. If your tipster has a higher strike rate then the sequences will be smaller and if lower then the expected sequences will be longer.”

Stay tuned on  the tipster page for more tipster profiles.

Every week, there will be a weekly overview of the BetAdvisor tipsters posted on the SBCnews website, which will be broken down in to three or four ‘categories’. This week for example, they have looked at the best tipster of the week, a tipster showing promising results, the tipster on a hot streak and info on an American Football tipster who has come back strong since the new season started.

Finally, SBC will provide useful insight in to Bet Advisor as a whole, including some information about future plans since the takeover. Be sure to bookmark the SBCnews tipster page and keep your eyes peeled for latest updates in this developing partnership.