Spotlight On: Simeone Tassini

You only have to take a glance at the record of Simeone Tassini to know he is doing extremely well this year. October could be his 9th (NINTH) consecutive month of profit. With a strong focus on Italian football (where he has managed 3% ROI over almost 500 tips), he has only a bad World Cup as a blemish on his record. He has also managed to profit in the both the  Champions League and Europa League.

His focus is on the Asian Handicap market, so liquidity is never an issue, which is great for people with larger betting banks. With more than 1500 units of profit from over 500 picks he has proven to be very consistent. He has profited overall on every single betting market he has used, which is tough to do. His Under/Over bets are very solid and despite being less frequent, have still made a good profit for Simeone and his subscribers. Already more than 400 units in profit for this month, he looks like he could match his September profits of more than 900 units.

Over the past 6 months, Simeone boasts an impressive 13.52% ROI from 154 tips, a worthwhile addition to any betting portfolio

He’s been in the top ranking for a while now and celebrated his birthday just few days ago, so we’re wishing him a happy birthday with this week’s newsletter.
To celebrate, we have set up a great promotional deal. Sign up to Simeone Tassini before 22nd October, and our Customer Service in few days will automatically activate you a FREE 1 MONTH TRIAL of new tipster Adriano Lancisi who is already in the top 10!
The offer is valid until 22/10/2014.