Where Will the 2015/16 Premier League Title Be Won and Lost?

Early Doors The title can’t be won in the first three games of the season, but a bad run can certainly hamper plans. Whilst the big teams will be looking for a return of 7-9 points from that opening trio, picking up 3-4 would be unadvisable. Chelsea:  Swansea (h), Man City (a) and West Brom (a). Prediction = 5 points. Man City: West Brom (a), Chelsea (h), Everton (a). Prediction = 4 points. Man Utd: Spurs (h), Aston Villa (a), Newcastle (h). Prediction = 7 points. Arsenal: West Ham (h), Crystal Palace (a) and Liverpool (h). Prediction = 7 points.

Post Champions League Fixtures

These matches are hugely important, as the four teams in question will not have the opportunity to rest players, and with other commitments could end up playing three games in the space of a week for a good while. Chelsea: Sunderland (h), Southampton (h), West Ham (a), Stoke (a), Spurs (a), Leicester (a). Prediction = 9 points. Man City: West Ham (h), Newcastle (h), Man Utd (a), Aston Villa (a), Southampton (h), Swansea (h). Prediction = 12 points. Man Utd: Southampton (a), Arsenal (a), Man City (h), West Brom (h), Leicester (a), Bournemouth (a). Prediction = 9 points. Arsenal: Chelsea (a), Man Utd (h), Everton (h), Spurs (h), Norwich (a) and Aston Villa (a). Prediction = 7 points.

Christmas & New Year

With three games in six days, the festive period can be a defining week in the whole season. Again, 7-9 points from these three games is considered exceptional, 0-3 points could be catastrophic. Chelsea: Watford (h), Man Utd (a), Crystal Palace (a). Prediction = 5 points. Man City: Sunderland (h), Leicester (a), Watford (a). Prediction = 7 points. Man Utd: Stoke (a), Chelsea (h), Swansea (h). Prediction = 5 points. Arsenal: Southampton (a), Bournemouth (h) and Newcastle (h). Prediction = 7 points.

The Run In

Of course, this is the crucial time of the season. If the title is still in the balance, then the remaining three games will dictate where the trophy heads. Some of the big four will get lucky and come up against teams with nothing to play for, whereas others will have to do battle with those scrapping for European qualification and relegation survival. Chelsea: Tottenham (h), Sunderland (a), Leicester (h). Prediction = 7 points. Man City:  Southampton (a), Arsenal (h), Swansea (a). Prediction = 4 points. Man Utd: Leicester (h), Norwich (a), Bournemouth (h). Prediction = 6 points. Arsenal: Norwich (h), Man City (a), Aston Villa (h). Prediction = 5 points.

The Final Countdown

1st Man City (27 points) 2nd Man Utd (27 points) 3rd Chelsea (26 points) 4th Arsenal (26 points) You can back Man City at 11/4 to win the Premier League title, and Man Utd from 5/1.          ]]>