What’s Wrong With The Brooklyn Nets?

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What’s Wrong With The Brooklyn Nets?

Just a couple of seasons ago, the Brooklyn Nets were contending for Eastern Conference championships and being one of the better teams in the NBA. Since then, the team has gone into a tailspin, not just missing the playoffs last year, but turning into one of the worst teams in the entire NBA this year. So just what is it that is hurting the Brooklyn Nets and keeping them from getting near where they could have been just two seasons ago?

Brooklyn Nets Roster Mistakes

Among the many problems surrounding the Brooklyn Nets right now is their roster management, which has to be the worst in the entire NBA. The team made a number of trades to bring in aging star players such as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, who have since left the team to finish out their careers in other places. As a result of those trades, the Nets have left themselves short on options to replace those players.

What has really hurt Brooklyn has been the fact that they traded away several draft picks for the players that they used to contend a few years ago. Now that the team has lost a lot of talent and is losing games more frequently, having those draft picks to replenish their talent pool without having to overspend in free agency would be the ideal way to rebuild the team. But the Brooklyn Nets don’t have enough of those draft picks to get things turned around, and that is going to keep them from turning things around for a long time.

Brooklyn Nets Can’t Score

A product of their poor roster management, the Brooklyn Nets have been playing basketball as if there is a lid on the basket. They are among the worst scoring teams in the NBA, riding a unique combination of poor guard play and shooting from all over the court to comprehensively fail to muster a consistent offense to the point that winning has become the exception, not the rule.

Brooklyn’s best guards as far as shooting percentage is concerned are Bojan Bogdanovic and Shane Larkin, both of whom are role players are not the guys who should be leading the backcourt in that department. And while Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young have been solid on the interior for the Nets, the lack of depth in the front court makes it so that the Nets can’t afford to have either of those players in foul trouble or having an off night.

On top of the roster issues surrounding the Brooklyn Nets, they are also in need of a new head coach after firing Lionel Hollins. They also need a new General Manager, who can whip the roster into shape on a quick turnaround. While Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez are still members of the Brooklyn Nets on the floor, the rest of the team has completely changed for the worse. As a whole, it’s safe to say that the Brooklyn Nets should have done the last two years differently.


By: Jason M. Sanin