Tom Brady’s Suspension Lifted By Judge

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Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and the NFL have fought over the legality of commissioner Roger Goodell’s suspension of Brady for months. Finally, a resolution has been brought about by a judge after Brady fought the suspension in court, and that judge has ruled that Brady will not be suspended at all in the upcoming NFL season, meaning that American football betting experts will be evaluating a Patriots team operating at full strength.

Tom Brady Fought The Law

Adamant that he had done nothing wrong, Tom Brady refused to accept the four game suspension handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier in 2015. With the backing of Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the rest of the Patriots organization, he took the league to court and had his suspension eliminated.

Brady’s central argument was that the NFL was suspending him more for his failure to cooperate with their investigation than for anything he may have done. Brady denies any wrongdoing, but he felt that his failure to turn over his phone to NFL investigators was punished more than any reasonable punishment for what he was accused of doing in the first place.

NFL Makes Mistakes During Process

Time and time again, the NFL made huge mistakes that ruined their chance at making the suspension of Tom Brady enforceable. From top to bottom, the league showed the level of incompetence fans, players, and tipsters have all come to expect from the league during the Roger Goodell era.

First, the league failed to display any legitimate testing procedures for air pressure in footballs, which is important when you’re looking to suspend someone for altering the air pressure of footballs! Rules are being put in place to ensure that NFL officials monitor this variable more closely, but they simply weren’t there last season, meaning that there was no way to prove that Brady did anything wrong.

Furthermore, the NFL very clearly had a vendetta against Brady for his failure to cooperate with their investigation. According to NFL rules, transgressions such as the ones Brady was accused of are punishable by simply a fine, yet the league tried to suspend the Patriots quarterback for a quarter of a season in what was clearly a move not based in any kind of rule.

The NFL repeatedly suspends players for arbitrary lengths of time. Recently, they reduced a ten game suspension for Dallas Cowboys lineman Greg Hardy to just four games, even though he was responsible for an ugly case of domestic violence. It simply was not acceptable to suspend Brady for the same number of games for taking air out of footballs.

Patriots Will Play Angry

In 2007, the Patriots were accused of cheating in a similar fashion, as they were found to have videotaped opponents’ practices to gain an unfair advantage. They responded by winning their first 18 games, setting league records in countless statistical categories in the process. And while they did lose in the Super Bowl that year, the team played with a defiant anger, which you can expect again this season.

By: Jason M. Sanin