Tom Brady Continues To Await NFL Ruling

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NFL Is Finally Being Thorough If there’s one word to describe the way the NFL has handled player suspensions over the last few years, it certainly would not be thorough. Haphazard, random, and inappropriate would all be better words to describe the punishments handed down to players for their various infractions. But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stressed that this decision is taking so long because his officials are being thorough before making any decisions. However, it is hard to accept that the league is being through about anything given its past failures to be thorough about much more serious topics than the air pressure of some footballs. When former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punched out his then-fiance in an elevator, security personnel in the hotel in which the incident occurred said that nobody from the NFL tried to obtain the security footage. The NFL claimed that they were denied that footage, which was proven to be a lie once media organizations obtained and ran the video. Further proof of the NFL’s lack of willingness to be thorough came when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Jameis Winston as the number one pick in the 2015 draft. Winston, who the Buccaneers hope will be their star quarterback going forward, was accused of sexual assault during his college career at Florida State University. But the Buccaneers were not thorough enough to look into the situation further, dismissing the situation as something Winston had been through ages ago. So while Goodell and the rest of the NFL praise themselves for being thorough, it is worth remembering that thoroughness is one of the most selective processes there is in this league. But while the world awaits the league’s decision, tipsters will have to wait to see which quarterback will be playing in the first four weeks for the Patriots before making any decisions.

Brady’s Popularity Unaffected

Surprisingly, Tom Brady’s popularity may have increased since this scandal known as “Deflategate” to American football enthusiasts. Brady’s merchandise sales have risen above every other player in the NFL, according to a study performed by the NFL Player’s Association. This spike in support for Brady may be another reason why Goodell and the NFL are hesitant to release the results to the quarterback’s appeal, as upholding the suspension of a massively popular player will cause outrage among fans. The outcome of Tom Brady’s suspension appeal will have a big impact on the outcome of several NFL games this season, and could cause shifts within the NFL’s playoff heirarchy as well. That is, it could if Roger Goodell ever announces a decision.]]>