Stephen Curry Is Making History

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Stephen Curry Is Making History

This season, expectations were sky high for the Golden State Warriors, coming off of winning the NBA Finals the year prior. With a title already under their belt, the question was whether or not Stephen Curry could continue to improve his game and bring the team back to the championship. At this point, not only is Curry looking like he is capable of bringing the Warriors back to a position to win a title, but he is making history in the process.

Stephen Curry’s Historic Shooting

Of course, the most notable part of Steph Curry’s game is his shooting, which put him on the map before he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors. But Curry’s ability to shoot the basketball has actually improved from year to year, to the point that he is doing things shooting the basketball that no player has ever done in the entire history of the NBA. It’s been remarkably impressive, and speaks to just what kind of season Curry is having.

Coming into this season, Steph Curry held the record for the most three point shots made in a single season with 286 made threes. This year, with plenty of games left to go in the season, he is already a full 50 threes ahead of that total and has already broken the single season record for made threes. He now has the chance to pad that record, and cement himself as the most prolific shooter in a single season in the history of the NBA or any other basketball league.

Golden State Warriors’ Historic Season

Steph Curry isn’t just making history in an individual sense. He is also helping his team to have an historic campaign, one that has the potential to go down as the greatest season in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors find themselves on pace to break the record for the highest win total in a single season, a record that currently belongs to the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls, who were led by Michael Jordan at the time.

What Curry does for this team goes far beyond his ability to shoot the basketball. His superior passing abilities make it easy for his teammates to spot up for jump shots or cut to the basket for easy looks, with Curry having the ability to deliver the ball to them accurately. This keeps everyone involved, and is a big reason why the team’s chemistry is strong enough to have as much success as they’ve had over the last two seasons.

With all of that said, none of this will matter to Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors if they aren’t able to finish the job and win the NBA Finals at the end of this season. Golden State will be overwhelming favorites to repeat as champions, but favorites on paper are meaningless unless those favorites are able to deliver when the games are actually played. But for now, it’d be foolish not to recognize what an amazing campaign Steph Curry is having.


By: Jason M. Sanin