NFL football, Brady: “Our Super Bowl is not in discussion!”

The New England Patriots’ quarterback, at the centre of the deflated balls scandal, took part in a round table at the University of Massachusetts and avoided answering delicate questions, but did declare: “What we won, we earned on the field of play and I am very proud of my team and so are the fans.”
Brady remains in the eye of the storm whilst he awaits to learn of his fate for his part in what, the NFL’s investigation has called, “ a breach of the playing rules” when they were found to have deflated the match balls to less that the regulation allowance in the AFC final in January. Brady didn’t let his fans down though and decided to attend the roundtable he had been invited to at the Salem State University even if this conference was now being held at a very delicate time in his career. A top NFL tipster said that his decision to arrive by helicopter was clearly one to avoid the long queues of fans and journalist that arrived for the occasion, but once inside he knew that he would have to face journalist Jim Gray, who has always been famous for his going straight to the point. “Does this investigation depreciate our Super Bowl victory? Absolutely not! Everything we obtained last season, we did so on the pitch. We earned everything and we did so as a team and I am very proud  and so are our fans.” The most successful quarterback of the history of the NFL, alongside Montana and Bradshaw, declared. A top NFL prediction though is that Gisele Bundchen’s husband is a little worried by the consequences of this investigation and he preferred not to comment on it: “I am not involved in that investigation” he joked. What’s more, it’s probable that he has not read the 243 page document that describes Brady’s responsibilities in the ball sabotage scandal. “It has only been 30 hours since the document was published and I haven’t had time to read it but I can tell you that once I have, I will be able to tell you my thoughts regarding this.” When asked if this situation, which many believe is more probable that he did know what was going on rather than he didn’t, could damage his career Brady replied: “It is obvious that as a human being you are conscious of what people think about you, but as a famous person you learn to deal with the fact that you are not going to be liked by everyone. Some people will always think that you’re a good and others think that you are bad, but for others still, you are indifferent. I know that there are people that actually don’t like Tom Brady, but honestly I really don’t care!”