NBA Weekend Preview

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Heading into this weekend, the NBA has a few major storylines to keep an eye on, with the teams involved playing across the Saturday and Sunday schedule. Can one team keep up a record setting start to the year? Will another continue to avoid picking up their first win? Those questions and more will be answered in the five best NBA games this weekend.

Atlanta Hawks vs. San Antonio Spurs

The most interesting part of this game is how little national attention it will receive relative to what it deserves, simply because of how little buzz both teams generate. However, both of these teams play similar styles that are equally fascinating to watch, which will make this game a battle of execution rather than style.

Both teams will use a pair of solid big men to trigger their quick ball movement around the floor, which leads to three point shooting opportunities. The Spurs and Hawks both tend to play a more uptempo style, which will make this game a lot of fun.

Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors

Earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors set a new NBA record for the longest winning streak to start an NBA season with 16 consecutive victories. The real question here is whether or not they can continue to dominate their opponents as they have to this point in the year, with all signs pointing to the affirmative.

Also making this game worth watching is the possibility that Stephen Curry scores 40 points, as he has multiple times this season. Curry is on pace to destroy the record for the most three point shots made in a season, a record he set previously in his career.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Clippers

One of the best frontcourts in the NBA takes on one of the best young frontcourt players in the league in this Sunday matchup, as rookie of the year candidate Karl-Anthony Towns leads the Timberwolves into battle against Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers. Griffin and Jordan should be able to manhandle Towns inside, but this will be a great litmus test for the promising young rookie.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Let’s be honest, the Sixers are not going to win this game. In fact, they haven’t won any games all season long, and that’s what makes this game interesting. Philadelphia heads into Memphis to play a very strong Grizzlies team, led by the duo of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph inside. It’s very unlikely that the Sixers can contain them, but they have to win a game at some point this season, so why not this one?

Houston Rockets vs. New York Knicks

So far, both of these teams have performed opposite of what their expectations were heading into the season. Everyone expected the Rockets to be a very good team this year, but haven’t been able to put it together. Meanwhile, expectations for the Knicks were very low, but they’ve been fun to watch and have put together some decent results. Will these teams continue to defy expectations in this game?

By: Jason M. Sanin