Is Tyronn Lue The Answer For Cleveland Cavaliers?

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Is Tyronn Lue The Answer For Cleveland Cavaliers?

Despite qualifying for the NBA Finals last season and winning three quarters of their games so far this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided that it was time to make a coaching change. The team cut ties with second year head coach David Blatt, electing to promote assistant Tyronn Lue to fill his position in a move that seems to have been related to team chemistry more than anything. But is Lue the right coach to help the Cavaliers live up to their full potential?

Tyronn Lue Is LeBron James’ Choice

One of the huge reasons that Tyronn Lue was hired to replace David Blatt was the anticipated impact his hiring would have on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ chemistry. Reports emerged after Blatt’s firing that players were not buying into the message of Blatt and that the change became necessary based on that fact. Perhaps the most troubling part of that situation was the fact that Cavaliers star LeBron James was the main voice clamoring for a new coach.

Videos of James disregarding Blatt’s huddles had surfaced in the past which, combined with reporters talking about how James influenced the decision to pursue a new coach, was very troubling. Since then, questions about whether or not James is a coach killer have surfaced, once again taking the focus away from basketball. With all of that said, the move should make LeBron James happier than he was with Blatt, which should improve the overall chemistry of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Can Tyronn Lue Win Titles?

While boosting the chemistry of the Cleveland Cavaliers is nice, it doesn’t mean anything if the team can’t win at least one championship and end the long title drought that has plagued the city of Cleveland. The question now isn’t whether or not the Cavaliers can be good under Tyronn Lue, but rather can the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Finals over the next season or two under him.

On the surface, it sure doesn’t seem like this move makes the Cavaliers any better or worse, simply because of the tactics that will be employed by the team. On offense, the ball is going to flow through James and Kyrie Irving and, unless Tyronn Lue has a secret to making Kevin Love fit into the team that he wasn’t telling anyone about previously, won’t change much from what they were under Blatt.

Furthermore, the presence of David Blatt (or lack thereof) won’t make the Golden State Warriors any less good. It’s very likely that the Warriors and Cavaliers will meet again in the NBA Finals this season, and the person coaching the Cavaliers won’t in any way impact the result of that series. Tyronn Lue will struggle to contain the historic offense of the Warriors in the same way David Blatt did in last year’s NBA Finals, which is the same way every other coach has struggled to contain Stephen Curry and company.

To be honest, the move to fire David Blatt and hire Tyronn Lue as the Cleveland Cavaliers head coach won’t have much of an impact on the team’s NBA Finals chances. As always, it will be on LeBron James to deliver, and he won’t be able to point any fingers.

By: Jason M. Sanin