FIFA has become a profoundly corrupt organisation with Sepp Blatter

One of the greatest players of all time, Diego Armando Maradona, has openly criticized football’s governing body FIFA, saying that the main culprit for this has been the corrupt and greedy reign of Sepp Blatter. Argentina’s 1983 World Cup Champion  was talking to the press in Dubai, and the outspoken former number 10 was feeling particularly frustrated after Blatter’s only potential  rival in this race, Mohamed Bin Hammam of Qatar, was taken out of the presidential race after having been accused of bribery. A top football tipster was left flabbergasted when Maradona went on to say that according to him the footballing governing body has descended into anarchy directly because of the way it has been run by the 79 year-old Swiss Sepp Blatter. The worst thing for Maradona is that he was going to be a strong supporter of Bin Hammam and things now don’t look good at all: “I believe that Mr Mohamed would be a great president for FIFA, if I didn’t think this I would not be here now. Everyone in football knows that there is a regime of total anarchy inside FIFA, with the only man who actually decides anything is Blatter. The worse thing is that Blatter knows nothing, absolutely nothing and that means it is now time for change. I can’t understand why none of his colleagues is telling him that time has come for him to step down. Blatter has done so much damage to the game of football since he has been in charge, so the time really has come for him to move aside and let those who actually love the game of football do something to change how things are. Just look at how the selection process for the World Cups was done…then they chose Russia and Qatar with all the rumours of how this happened! I am sure that Blatter is scared that he will be left out of the table of decisions and that they will not give him a piece of the cake anymore. The thing that makes me angry is that someone like me, who has football in his blood, who has played four World Cups, is thinking about the best solution for the game of football and him, he is just thinking about the Champagne!”

A top football prediction will remember the fact that Maradona has always had it in for FIFA especially after he was disqualified from the 1994 World Cup in the United States for doping ending de-facto ending his footballing career.