Denver Broncos Should Sign Von Miller Now

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Denver Broncos Should Sign Von Miller Now

After helping the Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50 and winning Super Bowl MVP in the process, pass rusher extraordinaire Von Miller has proven that he is one of the best players in the NFL. But instead of being able to celebrate the accomplishments of him and his teammates, he is stuck dealing with an ugly contract situation that threatens to drive a wedge between the Broncos and Miller down the road. Instead of letting things come to that, the Denver Broncos should just sign Von Miller to a long term contract right away.

Von Miller Is Elite

If Von Miller proved anything this season, including in the Denver Broncos’ run through the playoffs to win Super Bowl 50, it was that he is truly one of the best defensive players in the NFL right now. That alone should compel the Broncos to offer him a long term contract rather than placing the franchise tag on him for now and hoping that he signs with the team next year. But his importance to the Broncos was huge this year, and went beyond Miller just being a great defensive player.

The other layer to Von Miller’s greatness last season was that he was playing so well for a defense that actually had to be at the top of their game for the Denver Broncos to win. This was, of course, the result of both Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler struggling to be effective at the quarterback position for much of the season. That resulted in lower point totals for the Broncos, forcing their defense to step up and keep them in positions to win games despite not scoring many points. Denver’s defense managed to do exactly that, stealing the show in what could end up being Peyton Manning’s final season.

Denver Broncos Need To Invest

For the Denver Broncos, the opportunity to sign Von Miller to a long term contract is not just a chance to make a positive investment in the team’s future. It is also a chance to prove that their priorities are in the right place when it comes to building a team that can continue to win championships, rather than one that falls into many of the same pitfalls that less successful NFL teams do in situations like this one.

Currently, rumors are swirling that the Broncos are going to spend a lot of money to keep quarterback Brock Osweiler in Denver, while also saying that they don’t have the money to spend on a long term deal for Von Miller. Given that Miller was much more effective for the Broncos this season, it is foolish for them to spend on Osweiler instead of Miller, even if the quarterback position is regarded as the most important one on any football team. Making the choice to sign Miller long term instead of Osweiler would prove that the Broncos know what they’re doing when building their team.

Whether they sign him this offseason or next offseason, it is vital for the Denver Broncos to sign Von Miller to a long term contract, to ensure that their future is as bright as their present.


By: Jason M. Sanin