Cleveland-Chicago 106-91in game 2 with the NBA play-off now at 1-1

Lebron James dominated game 2 with the Chicago Bulls and draws the series level at 1-1 after a 106 to 91 points win in Ohio. A top NBA tipster says that there never really was a match and the Cavs didn’t miss either Love or Smith as James rose to the occasion and dominated both the offensive and defensive sides of this match. For the Bulls, Rose and Gasol seemed in pieces but their coach didn’t afford them any rest time and this could come back to haunt them in game 3 even if they couldn’t actually play any worse than this.
Throughout this match the bulls collected lost balls, from which the Cavs scored 20 points in the match, and were not as effective from the 3-point line as they were in game 1 with Lebron proving to be devastating in the first quarter with 14 points. At the beginning of the third quarter Cleveland reached a 25 point lead on the Bulls but with the injury to Shumpert the bulls managed a 14-0 partial and managed to get back to a more decent minus 11. It didn’t take long though for Lebron to wake up his side once again and in no time at all the Cavs were back to an eighteen points lead and the rest of the match was played out accordingly.
Lebron James, always been a big sports fan since a young age spending hours watching both the NFL and the NBA, before going out to the park to “shoot some hoops” with his friends. James had talent but was not yet the right physical build to foresee a professional career, at least not until he reached high school where he was clearly already looking like a basketball player and his talent followed suit. “The Chosen One”, who has always been a fan favourite and for many the natural successor to Michael “Air” Jordan both on and off the court, is na icon of the game the world over. An NBA betting expert found out that his number 23 jersey is once again the most sold one since the start of the season. This is the sixth time in a row that the four time MVP has sold more shirts than any other player in the NBA this year beating runners-up, Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant!