Can Ty Lawson Return To Form In 2015?

Declining Numbers Plague Lawson For Lawson, the 2014/2015 season was a letdown. His scoring average dropped over a point and, while his assist numbers did increase, it was clear at times that he was trying too hard to rack up assists, not always making the smartest basketball play in the process. And it was that kind of attitude that saw several coaches clash with Lawson during his time in Denver, which ended on the most sour note possible. The Denver Nuggets were never as bad with Lawson as they were in his final season there, with coach Brian Shaw’s strategic approach not resonating with the players, leading to everyone trying to accomplish the task at hand in their own ways rather than playing as a cohesive unit. Lawson was no exception, and the disjointed approach showed in the lack of wins earned by the team by the end of the season. As the team’s starting point guard, Lawson should be one of the players stopping things from getting out of control like they did, but his failure to do so instead raised questions as to whether or not he could be the leader of an elite team in the NBA.

I Fought The Law and the Lawson

If Ty Lawson’s failure to lead the Nuggets to work together during his final season there wasn’t enough of a red flag, Lawson has also had legal trouble during his career, being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol earlier this year. While athletes are certainly entitled to spend their time off the court as they see fit, this was another shocking exhibit of poor judgment from a player whose position requires flawless judgment. This year, Lawson finds himself in Houston as a member of the Houston Rockets, where he will team up with NBA Most Valuable Player candidate James Harden and Dwight Howard among others. Harden has claimed that Lawson is more focused than he is ever been, and that will be apparent right away in Lawson’s numbers, which should be higher in a loaded offense like Houston’s. Basketball tipsters will rightly recognize the Rockets as one of the favorites in the Western Conference after last year’s appearance in the conference finals, which they lost to the eventual NBA champion Golden State Warriors. Ty Lawson will have a large role in making sure that the team performs up to that standard once again. He will also have the chance to go a long way toward repairing his reputation. By: Jason M. Sanin]]>