Can Anyone Stop The Golden State Warriors?

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Can Anyone Stop The Golden State Warriors?

It’s been clear for much of this season that the Golden State Warriors would be the most difficult team in the NBA to defeat. That fact has been confirmed time and time again this year, but has become more apparent than ever after a week in which the Warriors defeated their two biggest competitors in the league by huge margins, proving that there may not be a basketball team on this planet capable of defeating the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors’ Impressive Week

Within the last week, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs. This would be impressive on its own given that those two teams are the biggest competition to the Warriors in their bid to repeat as NBA Finals winners. But it was the way that the Warriors defeated both of those teams that makes that accomplishment even more impressive, and makes the Warriors an even more terrifying team.

Those two wins by the Golden State Warriors were by a combined 64 points, or an average of 32 points per game. This would be impressive in two games against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers, and is flat out astounding against two of the three best teams in the NBA. It’s proof that the Warriors are the NBA’s best team as of right now, and their recent winning ways have them on pace to match the best season in NBA history.

That best season in NBA history of course belongs to the Chicago Bulls of the 1995-1996 season, when they won 72 of their 82 games en route to a championship. Through 45 games that Bulls team had 41 wins and 4 losses, the same record as the Warriors through 45 games. Whether or not the Warriors match the record setting season that Bulls team had remains an interesting question, but the more important question is whether or not any team can stop the Warriors in a 7 game series.

Can The Golden State Warriors Be Stopped?

When it comes to whether or not the Golden State Warriors can be defeated in a 7 game series, it’s hard to say yes when you see how easily they’ve been dispatching the teams that are supposed to be able to compete with them. And when you look even closer at those teams that are considered contenders to the Warriors’ throne atop the NBA, the more doubtful it is that they finish anywhere but on top once again.

San Antonio doesn’t match up well against the Warriors’ fast paced style, the Cleveland Cavaliers have all kinds of chemistry issues and aren’t sure what they’ll get out of their new head coach Tyronn Lue, and nobody else is even close to the level of those three teams. In what was supposed to be a three team race to decide this season’s NBA Finals winner, one team has simply run circles around the rest of the pack. While it is entirely possible that a team ends the reign of the Golden State Warriors, it sure doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

By: Jason M. Sanin