Brooklyn Nets Stuck with Expensive Reminder that Deron Williams and Joe Johnson Didn’t Work Out

BY: Chris Maurice Things have been going downhill for the Brooklyn Nets since they moved out of New Jersey (although to be fair, things weren’t very well off when they left either). Jay-Z sold off his shares, and majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov tried selling of a minority share of the team just to try and make back some of the money he’s wasted trying to turn the Nets into winners. It all started a few years back when Prokhorov decided he wanted to have a winning team. So, he decided to bring in the entire All-NBA 30+ team. Well, that’s not a real team; but you get the point. Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson, Jason Terry, and Paul Piercewere all fantastic players in their day; but it just didn’t work out bringing them all to Brooklyn. On top of that, Deron Williams just hasn’t been the same since leaving the Utah Jazz. That’s okay. Sometimes teams don’t work out. The Denver Nuggets tried teaming up Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson, and it just didn’t go as planned. The team struggled to the 8th seed the first year. Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James didn’t work out. Nor did Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash. The difference is, the Nets threw so much money away on these players that they are still struggling to just make a profit, which they are not doing currently. In fact, the Nets were spending nearly twice the cap, making for a ridiculous luxury tax. Garnett, Pierce, and Terry have since left the team; however, Williams and Johnson are still taking up the majority of the budget. The Nets are trying to clean house now, but it won’t be easy. Both Johnson and Williams are on the trade block; and while Johnson could very likely find a new team, Williams may be a bit tougher to deal. Williams hasn’t been doing well, and he finished this past season with 13 points and 6.6 assists per game. On most teams he would be a solid role player; however, he still has over $43 million left on his contract. Good luck with that.]]>