Alex Rodriguez gets his 660th home run but New York don’t want to pay him.

The match played out between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox’s, finished 3-2 for the home side but that wasn’t the main news headline after the game, rather the 660th home run hit by Alex Rodriguez. According to the terms of his contract with the Yankees, A-Rod has earned a bonus of $6m, but this doesn’t seem like it is going to happen any time soon. In 2007, when A-Rod signed his 10-year contract renewal with New York Yankees, worth $275m, adding a clause added that in the eventuality of his equalling the home run hall of famers he would get a 6$m bonus each time. So he has now achieved 660, reaching Mays, he will then be eligible for another $6m if he reaches 714 and joins Babe Ruth, again at 755 joining Aaron and a final payment on reaching 763 and Bonds, for a whopping $30m total. A top MLB betting expert is confident that the Yankees will not be paying any of these bonuses as they retain this part of the contract to be null and void due to A-Rod’s drugs banin. This said though, New York did not forget to congratulate their player on achieving this hallmark and even published a tweet on their official twitter account. These were not the only congratulations that A-Rod received as the very man he has now joined in the Hall of Fame, Willie Mays, was happy to do as much at the end of the match and A-Rod declared: “One year ago I was not even sure I was going to be playing baseball anymore so to now be able to say that I have joined my hero WillieMays in the homerun count is incredible. On a day like today I think about my mother and my daughters and all the people at the “Boys and Girls Club” where I learned to play. It has been an incredibly emotional day!” An MLB betting expert is conscious that whether they pay or not, the Yankees will be looking to get rid of their star player anytime soon.
In the meantime the match between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox was postponed after rioting broke out only a few kilometers from the Camden Yards Stadium after the funeral of Freddi Gray, another young Afro-American who died after his arrest on the 19th of April 2015. The decision to postpone this match was taken just 40 minutes before it was scheduled to start with thousands of fans already inside the stadium after a meeting between the local police and the mayor of Blatimore. A top MLB tipster is pretty sure the series will be moved to Washington rather than risk another postponement.