Top Major League Baseball Offseason Signings

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Top Major League Baseball Offseason Signings

After the Kansas City Royals demolished the New York Mets in the World Series, the focus of Major League Baseball shifted from winning games to winning the battle for prized free agents. So far, some very valuable players have been signed, greatly improving the chances of some teams to win titles in the coming years. These are the top free agent signings to this point in the winter in Major League Baseball.

David Price, Boston Red Sox

To say that the Boston Red Sox had an underwhelming pitching staff last season would be putting things lightly. They have already taken a huge step toward fixing that issue by signing David Price, who helped the division rival Toronto Blue Jays reach the playoffs last season. His ability to propel teams through the regular season will be a big help for the Boston Red Sox right away.

The one issue with David Price has been his ability to pitch in the postseason, where his earned run average has been over 5.00. However, the Boston Red Sox haven’t been able to reach the postseason in recent seasons, so their next step is to just qualify for the playoffs before worrying about their performances on that stage. Price will help them do just that.

Zack Greinke, Arizona Diamondbacks

Despite having a small payroll over recent seasons, the Arizona Diamondbacks appear to be making a play to try to be legitimate contenders heading into this season by signing Zack Greinke away from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Greinke was one of the best pitchers in the National League throughout last season, and will instantly make the Diamondbacks a possible playoff team.

Arizona Diamondbacks management all of a sudden deciding that they wanted to spend big money to build a contender came as a surprise to many, and even upset other owners around Major League Baseball. Other owners have complained that since the Diamondbacks receive revenue sharing from the league’s more successful teams, that they should not be able to bring in highly priced free agents. That’s a nonsensical argument, but proves just what a shock this move was.

Starlin Castro, New York Yankees

While Starlin Castro was acquired by trade rather than by free agent signing, the New York Yankees acquiring him is a big deal for a team that needed some help in the middle of its infield. This move may help the Yankees get back into contention for championships, something they haven’t had in years.

Castro will be tasked with filling the void left by the departure of Robinson Cano multiple seasons ago. Cano was a power bat with range at second base. Castro will be able to hit for average and play a good enough second base to where his offense is well worth having around. With the infield as weak as it was offensively last season, he will be a great addition to the Yankees and is even more important now that fellow American League East team the Boston Red Sox have added pitcher David Price.

By: Jason M. Sanin