As certain tipsters get more popular, it gets increasingly difficult to place the bets on their selections as the weight of money placed on the market by their followers tends to have an effect.

In an effort to counter this, the decision has been taken to restrict subscriber numbers to those tipsters whose markets are likely to suffer.

This is most often in the Rugby section, the horse racing section (where early prices are important) or for those who follow a tipster working in a niche area like European basketball.

If you have missed out on a place but would still like the chance to sign up to one of these tipsters, you can sign up to their waiting list to which spaces will be distributed as and when they become available.

It’s a very simple process, all you need to do is sign into your account, go to the profile page of the tipster you are interested in and look for this image:

save image

Click on the “Send me an alert” button and you will have signed up for the waiting list.

It may take some time before spaces become available so don’t expect to receive an invitation straight away.