What Happens If You Get Caught Card Counting in Blackjack?

Blackjack has been on top of gamblers’ preferences for centuries, so its popularity is undisputed, and it can only be compared to other similar giants, like poker, for instance. One strong piece of evidence that supports this claim is the flood of Blackjack-themed bonuses that are all over the online gambling market. If you’re a fan of this game or want to test it for the first time, try out these bonuses and see what Fortune has stored for you. 

But the flow of offers is not the only thing that confirms the status of the game. It has integrated into the lifestyle of players so much that some aspects of it are now considered iconic. Gifts, casino tours, movies and fashion have all borrow a bit of the classy and adventurous nature of the casino game. But the most important thing is to play the game and enjoy the atmosphere. But what happens when you try to cheat on it?

One of the most widely known cheating approaches in Blackjack is card counting. A simple search on the Internet will bring forth the fact that many players are willing to share the secrets of this approach to other players in order to “bring down The House”. In the past, when games were conducted with one single deck, memorizing the cards that have already been dealt and bet accordingly was the way to go. But nowadays, Blackjack is conducted exclusively with multiple decks, a method that aimed at making cheating harder to grasp.

The cheating technique has evolved according to the new casino rules. Nowadays, counting cards is done by assigning certain values to groups of cards, memorizing them and betting accordingly, after certain

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basic mathematical formulas are applied. It is more difficult and not as exact as the one deck scenario, but people do not hesitate to try and do it whenever they feel like they can go around the rules. 

However, if you want to keep your access to your favorite gambling places, using this method is not advisable. Counting the cards in the decks played on the table is not illegal by the legislation of the United States, but casino owners ban any player that does it. This type of interdiction can also imply a life-time refusal to be welcomed in the casino. This is not very surprising. Casinos live by the margin of the players’ losses and they want to keep them at a fair average. If you think that you can bring The House down, remember that The House always wins.

There are many alternative ways to improve your game and consequently, your wins. Depending on your current status, the online world is filled with tons of guides into gambling, made for both rookies and veterans. You just have to look them up and learn before you wager. The basic Blackjack tips range from general betting guides, staying balanced in your wager, and choosing the right seat at the table (the farthest one is the most favorable).

Always remember to play a clean game, so as to avoid all the possible issues. There is much more to gambling when you let Fortune play its part. And be calculated with your risks, before sitting at the green table. Be sure that you have a cap for how much you intend to wager and even possibly lose. Being responsible with your budget is a prerequisite for a smart gambler.

The bottom line is that card counting is a method used by many, but it will bring more misfortune on the player, more than the possible winnings. The best way to play is by combining a strategic approach with your budget, with a balanced amount of time invested in it, and a clean game all-around. That is the way to a great Blackjack experience.