The benefits of using a mobile app rather than a mobile website for betting

The gambling industry is really advanced, which is why it’s no surprise that we can punt on our favorite team and play casino games on most of our devices. Besides using our PCs and laptops, most of us bet on smartphones and tablets.

Consequently, some of the leading online gambling operators decided to create mobile apps and a mobile version of their websites. Some places have both of those things, whereas others only offer one of them.

If you choose a bookie or a casino that only has a mobile site, you don’t have any option other than opening it via your browser. Luckily, most gambling companies offer an app and a mobile site, which means that you can choose which one you like more.

Most people will probably go for the app, but since there are punters who prefer using the mobile site, we’ve decided to point out a few benefits of using an app for online betting.

Most games and sportsbooks are better optimized

Due to the fact it’s developed specifically for the given mobile OS, the mobile app allows the given bookie or casino to optimize its casino and sports sections. This means that you can download the Bet9ja app on your Android or iOS device and have the same experience as if you’re betting on your PC. 

Some mobile websites are also optimized really well, but there will always be a minor quality difference if you compare them to the app. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get the app if you have the chance.

You can receive special notifications

This is something that many people don’t think about, but it makes a lot of difference when it comes down to online betting. The fact that you can be notified whenever there is a new promo or when your bet is settled without having to open the app can make all the difference in the world. 

Unfortunately, this is only possible if you are using the app. We will probably see this feature from most mobile websites in the future, but they won’t allow you to receive notifications for now.

There are dedicated mobile offers

Even though most online betting operators don’t have mobile apps yet, those that took the time to create them usually provide the given bonus only for the people who downloaded them. In other words, even if you use a smartphone or a tablet, you won’t be able to experience this bonus unless you get the app.

Faster access

The last reason why some bettors prefer using a mobile app is due to the fact they can access the given operator’s website really fast. So, instead of having to open a certain mobile browser and visit the given bookie/casino’s site, you can simply tap the app and access it right away.

However, every mobile browser has an option that will allow you to create a web app, regardless of which website you’ve opened. This is the closest thing you will have to a mobile app if you don’t want to download the real one.