Smart Working, Time to embrace Smart Working and Smart People.

Last week Charles Herisson, CEO of sat down to a live podcast about Smart Working with Sanaz Peyman, CEO, and founder of Kloned, a Virtual Executive Assistant company, to discuss the concept and benefits of ‘Smart Working’.

In the current pandemic climate, Smart Working at home has never been more relevant. The world is dealing with Covid-19, which has seen governments around the world put in place measures which significantly impact the day-to-day lives of their citizens, in order to control the spread and limit the impact of the coronavirus.  These measures are having a significant effect on many industries, and the betting and gaming industry is no exception. With almost all of the major leagues deciding to cancel or postpone sporting fixtures, there are very few sports fixtures and events currently taking place, with no certainty as to when the sporting calendar may return to normal.

It was, therefore, no surprise that Kloned was the perfect candidate for Charles to discuss smart working with and how an established remote working service has been ‘smart working’ since it was founded back in 2017.

So what is smart working? As Sanaz summed it up, “It is the ability to work efficiently in the minimum time for the maximum productivity” this combined with agile working (the ability to work from any location) can offer businesses maximum efficiency in regards to costs and time.

Smart working gives employees a real sense of work-life balance.”

Although smart working is nothing new, there is a greater emphasis today to ensure there is a seamless transition from working from the office to working at home, where everyone is now finding themselves.

As Charles and Sanaz agree in summary, “To work smartly from home you need to follow a few fundamental points:

  1. Routine and structure. The secret is To treat the day as a working day. Monday to Friday, wake up at the same time, have breakfast, sit at a desk, and start work at the same time every day. Give yourself regular tea breaks and, of course, a lunch break. Research has shown that some time away from the routine of work is excellent for productivity.
  2. Have discipline and clear boundaries to minimize distraction. For example, switch your mobile off, do not download the WhatsApp web on your laptop, or get drawn into watching a film in your lunch break. If you wouldn’t do it in the office, don’t do it at home.
  3. Visualise your day ahead, whether that’s from the night before or the morning of, set yourself clear goals and objectives for the day ahead.
  4. Make your mental and physical well-being a priority. Make sure you switch off during your lunch hour, have a healthy lunch, take a walk, speak with friends and family. Try to avoid the temptation of grabbing a quick bite while working at your desk.
  5. Finally, have a balance! If you can switch off at 5.30 pm, do so. Avoid the temptation of working in the evenings or checking your work mail now and then. Instead, invest that time in being with friends and family, listening to a podcast, reading, watching Netflix, or only just doing what makes you happy”.

If you and your staff can set the above points into motion now, by the time the Governments lift all lockdowns, you would have achieved a way of working smartly that benefits not only your work but also accomplishes mental well-being! Good luck!!

If you or your business require a virtual Executive Assistant, you need to reach out to Kloned at, and if you quote ‘Smart Working’ in the email subject, you will receive a 3-month discount!

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