Is It Possible To Use Credit Cards For Betting?

Some of you will know that credit cards such as Visa are the most popular payment method for bettors in the United Kingdom. This option truly comes with several advantages that all users love. Add the fact that almost all people have a credit card and you can deduce why it is so important. Sadly, recently we saw that UKGC banned the use of credit cards for bettors. In other words, you cannot use this payment method at betting sites that have a UKGC license. Luckily, there is an alternative. 

Are There Betting Companies That Still Allow Credit Cards?

The best or better aid is the only alternative you can use is to find a betting site that doesn’t have a UKGC license. Sites that do not cooperate with this gambling authority still accept credit cards. As such, the only option you have is to use sports betting sites that take credit cards and work with UK players. These are regular betting sites that still have a license and use the proper software. They still have promotions, offer various betting options and so much more. However, they do not have or need a UKGC license hence they don’t have to meet their regulations. 

For you, this will provide you the same overall result as when you bet at any site with a UKGC license. You will still enjoy safe betting, have customer support and various offers that can be used instantly. Yes, most of these sites offer mobile betting as well. You can use your smartphone to enjoy betting as much as you like. 

Advantages of credit card payments

It’s no wonder why credit cards are the most popular payment method at betting sites. They do come with several advantages for gambling industry that we would like to discuss right now. All of these benefits are important and you get all of them every single time when you use a credit card to deposit funds. 

  • Instant deposits

You need to choose a credit card payment option at the betting site, enter the amount you want to deposit and you are done. There is no need to wait. Your funds will be available on your account immediately. After that, you can bet on any sport you like and enjoy. This is one of the fastest methods. Keep in mind that you can use credit cards for withdrawals as well. This is once again, a fast method, and depending on the site, your funds can be available on your bank account within 1-5 days. That money can be used for online shopping, withdrawing it on ATM and so much more.

  • Widely allowed

Credit cards are an extremely popular method for all betting sites. They were the number one choice until UKGC banned them at betting sites that have this license. Still, there are a lot of betting sites that will still accept credit cards and all of them are well-known for amazing security, great betting options and so much more. Credit cards can be used for other options as well. They are the most versatile method out there and one that will remain popular. 

  • Secure

Using a credit card is extremely secure. Your personal information is secure, you will need to authorize your transactions and you can cancel the card at any given moment. In simple words, you can get complete security that isn’t always present with some other payment methods. This is probably one of the main reasons why credit cards became so popular in the first place. 

There is no need to worry about security or related issues of any kind. The situation is the same regardless of which credit card you use. All of them are extremely safe and secure and they are known for improving security as we speak.


Sadly, you cannot use edit cards to deposit funds at UKGC betting sites. You will need to find alternatives that support this amazing payment method. In a nutshell, using a credit card for this purpose is safe, secure, simple, and comes with additional perks. After all, it is the most popular method of this type used across the UK and the rest of the world. But, now you will need to think outside the box.