How You Can Use Free Bets to Boost Betting Profit

Betting Profit

One of the great aspects for those placing bets with a bookmaker is that you can try your luck for free thanks to the many free bet offers that are available.

Bookmakers have to offer free bets in a bid to attract new customers to their service. Signing up to a new account is a great way to acquire free bets, these offers are bigger than those that existing customers can get hold of.

But knowing how to use your free bets is key to being a successful punter. If you want to take full advantage of the free bets on offer then you also need to know how to use them.

The way you do this is to use them to place your normal bets, giving you the chance to win for free without staking your own cash.

Don’t Waste Free Bets

When someone gets a free bet, they often think about just throwing it on something at a big price, or on a big upcoming event they are interested in. You shouldn’t do this.

If you wouldn’t normally place a bet on an event such as the PGA Tour in golf then don’t use free bets on that sport either.

Free bets should be used as part of your standard betting, with the difference being that they are free and can save your stake.

The key to boosting your betting profit is to cut your stakes and you can cut stakes by using as many free bets as you can find, rather than staking money.

Yes, there may be a temptation to try something new when you receive a free bet, but the sensible option is to place it on something to save you money.

How to Stake Free Bets Correctly

However you stake your bets, make sure they fit with your staking plan. If for example you have a free bet of £10, and your usual stake is £20, place your free bet as half of your stake and pay for the other.

If you get a free bet that is larger than your regular stake then the way to approach this is to cut back on your risk and try to land yourself a winner.

For example, if you usually bet £10 and pick an acca with five selections, if your free bet is £20 then lower the number of selections to three or four.

The returns will not be too far away from what you would normally expect on your bet, the higher stake offsets the lower selections to do this.

Every bet you place should be relative to others, whether these are staking with money or using free bets, make sure you stick to this.

Picking Up More Free Bets

People bet in many different ways. Some will study the form for many hours to get their own selections, others will follow daily free tips to pick up advice from others.

Whatever your strategy, free bets are something that can help you every time you use one, not just when you use them as a new player.

For this reason, you should always be on the lookout for free bet offers you can use as an existing player. Remember, every time you place a bet that uses a free bet token rather than cash is helping your overall profit and loss.

At the end of the year, the difference between making a profit or loss could be determined by how many free bets you take.

These are important, and if used correctly, they can really get you moving in the right direction with your betting.

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